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Q: The science of classifying organism and assigning them universally accepted names is know as what?
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What is the lowest subgroup for classifying organism?

Species is the lowest subgroup for classifying organisms.

What science of classifying organism?


What is the purpose of assigning two names to classify an organism?

Classifying organisms with a two-name system is called a binomial system, with the genus as the first name and species as the second name. For example, humans are Homo sapiens.

Why do biologists assign each organism a universally accepted name?

So the name is understood by everyone who sees and hears it around the world.

The first characteristic to consider when classifying an organism by kingdom?


What factors are most important in classifying organisms?

the most important factor when classifying organisms is eolutionary history because its what gives the common ancestors and the evolution of where the organism came from and from there they can classify the organism by this information.

The science of naming and classifying organism is called?

Taxonomy is the science of naming and classifying biological organisms on the basis of shared characteristics.

How did linnaues classify organism?

He used a special method which was very efficient at classifying organisms.

What would be the least useful piece of information for classifying an organism as an animal?


Who would be most helpful in classifying the organism as a protest?

Who - well the scientist who first discovered it would do this.

A big advantage of the system of taxonomy is?

any organism can be universally identified by the same two words.

Taxonomy is the science that deals with?

Taxonomy deals with classification, a Taxonomist uses physical features of an organism to classify it.