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With a little seeds and and some love (thats all I can remember)

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How many kids do lil Wayne have?

lil Wayne has four kids

Have many kids do Lil Wayne have?

Lil Wayne Has 4 Kids .

How many kids do lil Wayne has?

lil wayne has 5 kids

Did Isaac Newton hah kids?

No isssac newton did not hah kids. He was a very popular scientist.

Does Trina and Lil Wayne have kids?

Trina does not have any kids wit lil Wayne that's why they broke p because she didnt want kids and wanted to have kids wit her you wanna know how many kids lil Wayne has an the mothers of them type in how many kids does lil Wayne have

Did Isaac Newton have a wife and kids?

He had a wife named Halley Newton but no kids because he was to involved in his work.

Did Isaac Newton get married and have kids?

no Isaac newton didn't have a wife nor kids but he did live with is nephews.

Did Isaac Newton have kids?


How many kids does lil Wayne Wayne have?

4 :)

Does lil Wayne have kids by Nicki minaj?

No Lil Wayne does not have any kids with Nicki Minaj.

Does jimmy Wayne have any kids?

Jimmy Wayne has no children.

Do trina and lil wayne have kids?

she dont have kids

Who are lil Wayne kids?

Lil'er Wayne, Evan the lier and Dave

What were John Wayne's 7 kids' names?

Aissa Wayne Ethan Wayne Marisa Wayne Michael Wayne Patrick Wayne Toni Wayne Melinda Wayne

How many kids Wayne Rooney have?

no he hasn't had any kids

How many kids does Wayne Silk Perry has?

she has 12 kids

Who founded kidney kids?

Jonah Lomu, rugby legend playing for the All Blacks founded Kidney Kids.

Did Sir Issac Newton have kids?


Did john newton have kids?

yes 4

How many kids did Issac newton have?


Does Lil Wayne have any chrildren?

Lil Wayne i think has 4 kids

Does brad delson have kids?

Yes, he has one kid, Jonah Taylor Delson

Hom many kids does Lil Wayne have?

simple four kids

Does Wayne gretzky have kids?

yes he has five kids named paulina, ty Robert, trevor Douglas, Tristan Wayne, Emma Marie.

Did sir isaac newton have any kids?

he never married so he never had kids

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