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The sound source of the synthesizer is an oscillator. Common waveforms used by synthesizers are sine, square and sawtooth waves.

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It can be. Often, it is a number of oscillators.

Well, yes, or more particularly, a number of oscillators.

Oscillation IS a factor in sound generation of a synthesizer.

Basically an oscillator is a circuit that is used for producing oscillations of current. They are mostly used in radio, to provide a carrier wave for a transmitter, or a local mixing frequency in a superhetrodyne receiver. They are also used at sound frequencies, for musical instruments such as a synthesizer, like a Moog or Korg.

A synthesizer does not sound like a piano. You could create piano type sounds on one though. A synthesizer is basically a set of oscillators that modify a waveform to create a sound. There's a bunch of different types of filters depending on the type of synthesizer.

The synthesizer can be used to simulate the sound of many musical instruments.

An oscillator that establishes the carrier frequency of the output of an amplifier or transmitter.Source :

The synthesizer can make the tik tok sound as well as any other instrument. In fact, the synthesizer can be programmed to mimic just about any sound, including animal sounds and animation.

what is the source of sound energy? what is the source of sound energy?

Phase-shift oscillator Armstrong oscillator Cross-coupled LC oscillator RC oscillator

Vibration is the source of sound.

Allowing your oscillator is powerful enough to "drive" the speaker it will produce sound as determined by the frequency setting. There are limitations of course, but they are minor technical not general.

The flute-like sound is from a key-board and is like a synthesizer.

Helium, auto-tune, synthesizer (with a guitar)

The 555 is not a sound chip, it is a general purpose programmable timer. As such, it is possible to program it to generate sounds or clock digital sound synthesizer chips.

The function of a sound card is to provide sound capabilities to a computer. It can also provide MIDI support and the ability to use a joystick. Typical sound cards have both an FM synthesizer and a digital to analog converter. The synthesizer is for producing MIDI instrument sounds and the D/A converter to produce realistic sounds and to play and record audio.

To find this, you're going to need scientific equipment. You will need an oscillator and a microphone, as well as the rubber band. Hook the microphone up to the oscillator and snap the rubber band. View the oscillator to find it's frequency.

A relaxation oscillator is the one which consists of an RC network,in which the capacitor is charged from a DC fixed voltage source, through a resistor. see the link below. the capacitor is charged through the resistor Re. That is why a ujt can be called a relaxation oscillator.

If you divide the number of oscillations since you synchronized your clock (with an external source) by the frequency of the oscillator, you will get the number of seconds that have passed since you performed the synchronization...

A local oscillator can be a crystal oscillator.

Synthesiser produce by its circuits an electric signal which is converted by amplifier and speakers to acoustic waves. Basic circuit of synthesizer is oscillator which generate a sinus electric signal. Every complex signal shape can be mathematically decomposed to many several sinus signals contra wise sinus signals can be assembled to any complex audio wave (for example music instrument sounds or animal or human noises). The complexity and quality depends on how much oscillators are available.

Depends on the kind of sound source you are referring to.

A: VIBRATOR IS A MECHANICAL OSCILLATOR oscillator is an electronic device

a synthesizer -minnelle zafar and maham abbas amp or amplifier