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Q: The story of an Hour- what irony was found in the story?
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What kind of irony is in the story of an hour?


What is the irony in the story an hour with abuelo?


What type of irony is used in The Story of an Hour?


What the irony in the story the destructors?

One of the irony in the story: "The Destructors" is that the boys burned the money that they found. The boy were in need of money but once they found the money they decided to burn it.

What is the irony of the story the gold frame?

you can't say "what is the irony of the story gold frame." You would have to say something like "what is the irony of the story's gold frame?" or " is the irony of the story gold frame?" Hope you found my answer helpful, although probably not. I only know this because I'm a reader myself =)

What is the irony in the worn path?

situational irony found in the story's conclusion when phoenis arrives to the office to get the "soothing medicine" for her grandson

What is the fundamental irony of the story the lottery?

The irony is that there is no irony...

What is the irony of the story the taximan?

Irony of the story the taxi man

What is the verbal irony of the story of an hour by kate Chopin?

The phrase "heart trouble" is an example of verbal irony in "The Story of an Hour" written by Kate Chopin. The phrase is actually alluding to Mrs. Mallard suffering from repression, rather than a physical ailment.

Is the short story necklace dramatic irony situational irony or verbal irony?

situational irony

What is ironic about the last paragraph in the story, and how does this irony contribute to the story’s theme a matter of prejudice?

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin. ... Ironically, in the end, her husband lives, and she is the one who will die..... free of earthly bondage at last. ... The irony in the end of the story is that the first sentence of the story says

What is the irony and symbol of the short story The Storm?

there are many different types of irony in this short story.

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