The straw that stirs the drink?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: The straw that stirs the drink?
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What nicknames does Darryl Strawberry go by?

Darryl Strawberry goes by Straw, The Straw Man, and The Straw That Stirs the Drink..

What baseball player said you are the straw that stirs the drinks?

In a 1977 Sport magazine interview Reggie Jackson was quoted to say "I'm the straw that stirs the drink. Maybe I should say me and Munson, but he can only stir it bad." Jackson denied ever saying it, and what he said was taken out of context.

Do you drink more when drinking through a straw?

I personally think you drink more when using a straw. I drink twice as much with a straw than tipping the cup.

When you drink a soft drink with the help of a straw what forces the liquid up the straw?


What is the difference between a milkshake straw and a soft drink straw?

Milkshake straws are larger in diameter than soft drink straws. Since milkshakes are thick, they are very hard to drink with a small straw, thus the increased diameter of the straw makes it easier to drink.

Can a dog sip a drink from a straw?

No, dogs can't drink from a straw. They don't have lips and they can't make a seal around a straw to create suction.

Can you drink through a straw if there was a hole in it?

Nope it is not possible. I don't know why but, no you cannot drink through a straw that has a hole in it.

Why it is difficult to drink liquid with straw on the top of the mountain?

It would be more difficult to drink with a straw on the top of a mountain because of low atmospheric pressure. You would not have as much pressure to push the drink up the straw.

The straw used to drink mate is called a?

The straw used to drink yerba mate is called a bombilla. It serves as a filter to help keep the chunky bits from entering the straw.

How can you drink tea?

With a mug & also you can use straw as well if you know about straw

What does straw stand for?

something you drink out of

Why can't we suck a cold drink through a straw on the moon?

we can not drink cold drink through straw at moon because moon has no atmosphere to exert pressure on liquid