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The suns energy produces energy through a process called Nuclear Fusion.

Fusion is the process where nuclear reactions occur with small nuclei combining to form larger nuclei with excess energy given off in the form of radiation or particle emission. The end result is smaller nuclei are combined to produce larger ones and energy is given off.

This process gives off energy only for the smaller nuclei and in the sun, hydrogen is consumed to produce helium as the primary process. But, this is not the only fusion reaction and eventually helium atoms are combined and eventually you get carbon atoms and eventually you get iron atoms through fusion. The details can get complex because there are many nuclear reactions occurring between small nuclei in the sun, but the general process is combining small nuclei until the processes no longer produce enough energy to be favorable.

In a star like our sun, the fusion process get interrupted after a long time and various other things happen such as developing into a red giant star. So, for a more specific description of the evolution of stars, there are other answers to other questions.

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Q: The suns energy comes from a process called?
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The suns energy comes from a process called what?

fusion; this process fuels the sun with hydrogen

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Why do plants cannot survive without sun's energy?

Plants use the suns energy to make energy in a process called photosynthesis. The suns energy is used to produce glucose which provides the energy that the plants need to survive through processes such as respiration and expiration.

What is the process called when plants make energy using the suns light and water?

The process when plants use the sun and rain to create energy is called 'photosynthesis'. Photosynthesis is the act of a plant creating its own food.

The suns own energy comes from solar energy?

The sun's own energy comes from nuclear reaction within the sun

Does some radiant energy comes from the sky?

Yes it comes from the suns ray

What is the process that transfers the suns energy the rest of the way to the suns surface?

radiation carried by convection.

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It comes from the suns energy

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this is known as radiant energy. the suns radiation does it

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In a plant, the process is called Photosynthesis. It is when the plant absorbs the sun's energy and makes G3P, a sugar that is made into Glucose- another sugar.

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Nuclear fusion