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The three main categories of luster are: metallic, nonmetallic, and submetallic.

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the three main categories are non-metal, metal, and metaloid. those are the main categories of the periodic table.

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The three main categories of elements on the periodic table are metals, metalloids, and nonmetals.

The three main categories are metals, nonmetals, and metalloids.

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Glassy luster, Metallic luster and Waxy luster.

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Metals have high density, high melting points, and luster.

Luster is the light reflection a mineral has, which can be broken down into categories like metallic, silky, and dull. The luster dictates what type of mineral it is.

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Limestone does not have a luster. It's main constituent, the mineral calcite, has a vitreous or glassy luster.

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limestone's hardness is 3-4 and it does not have a luster it's main constituent is the mineral calcite, and has a vitreous or glass luster.

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