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The Union Pacific relied on Irish and African American workers. The Central Pacific hired Chinese workers. The immigrant workers were low-paid and did difficult work.

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Q: The union pacific relied on what workers?
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The central pacific relied on what workers?

The Central Pacific relied on workers from the country of China, and the Union Pacific Company relied on workers from many nationalities, like African Americans, Native Americans, Irish, and so on. Hope this helps!

The union pacific relied on workers who were?

Irish & African Amercian. =) (Hope it helped!)

The union Pacific Railroad relied in what immigrant worker?

it relied on Irish immigrants

What workers did the union pacific and central pacific railroad companies pick?

All workers were needed

Where did the union pacific get workers?

from Europe and Asia

Central Pacific relied on what workers?

The Central Pacific relied on a Chinese immigrant workforce, particularly for dangerous jobs such as planting nitroglycerine, giving rise to the phrase, "a Chinaman's chance" to describe a low expectation of of success.

Who were the workers for the Union pacific railroad?

a high percentage were Chinese

What did the Union Pacific workers live on that followed them across the plains?

A train?

The centrel pacific relied on what kinds of workers.?

many Chinese laborers. as well as many Americans looking for a fair paying job.

Who told the union pacific workers that they were scaring the buffalo away?

red cloud

Who were the workers of the central pacific railroad?

Irish, Chinese, and Americans... The most important jobs were given to the Chinese and Irish. Lots of men died >.< If you want more information, go check or or something like that xD lol.Thanks for reading this ^.- (winky winky =P LOL)

What took place when the workers connected the central pacific and the union pacific?

On May 10, 1869, Central Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad met at Promontory Summit, UT with 1,800 miles of new tracks laid.