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'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane.

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall
Tell'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Call Alice
When she was just small

When men on the chessboard
get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving low
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head"
Remember what the doormouse said:
"Keep your head!
Keep your head!!"
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Can the knight in chess go backwards?

Yes, A knight movement is 2 up and 1 over, or 1 up and 2 over. It is allowed to move in this pattern in any direction.. ===. The only chess piece that is not allowed to move backward is the pawn.

Can you get white knight armor on RuneScape?

I'm pretty sure only members can get white knight armor. I haven't been on Runescape in a long time but that's how it was for me. If your a member great, you can probably get it at grand exchange, but if your not a member that stinks.

Meaning of white knight?

When referring to a person it's generally a term directed towards a male whom feels the constant need to rush to a female's aid. Said person also generally has a reason for doing so, or at least it's perceived that their reason for doing so is to gain a deeper level of trust from the aforementioned ( Full Answer )

Who is the white knight in the black night movie?

there r none There is a book of short monologues entitled WHITE KNIGHT BLACK NIGHT - short monologues for auditions by Frank Catalano available at

Who sings Knights in white satin?

Nights in White Satin is a song originally performed by The Moody Blues, off of their concept album "Days of Future Passed".

Why does Vanna White never talk?

Vanna White plays the role of Co host and letter person for Wheel of Fortune. Her importunity to have a conversation of any kind is limited to the beginning and end of the show. Much of the conversation that you so see on Wheel of Fortune has been scripted for instance Pat Sajal's remarks about the ( Full Answer )

Who released knights in white satin?

The song Nights in White Satin was recorded and released by the Moody Blues on the 10th November 1967. Taken from their best selling album Days of Future Passed, and written by Justin Hayward, lead singer of the group. It wasn't a hit first time around. When it was re-released in 1972, it went on to ( Full Answer )

What is white knight capital?

The White Knight is of course a trademark of Ajax. you can call him Sir Ajax if you want. motto is- Stronger than dirt. I once saw a comedy take-off on this at a burlesque show, the people who designed the costume knew that Ajax was Greek, as the burlesque show unwound, there was an unscheduled inte ( Full Answer )

Did knights wear white?

In heraldry white metal ( steel, silver, etc is considered white- hence White Armor is the normative style of color- for unit and national ID< they would wear vests or something amounting to T-shirts- with various devices usually cruciform ( hence crusader- one who carries the cross afield) as insig ( Full Answer )

What is moral of White Knight by Eric Nicol?

The moral of the story is that one should give more importance tothe action of any individuals than his appearance or don't judgethe book by its cover. -Ayush Mishra-Druk School

How do you be a white knight on runescape?

In order you can complete the following quests that are to do with white knight, and doing the Wanted! quest will allow you to wear White Armour, below I will list quests and in Brackets what type of Armour it unlocks for you to wear along with it's bonuses. . Recruitment Drive ( White Initiate ( Full Answer )

Who sing the song knight in white?

The closest song title to "Knight in White" is, Nights in WhiteSatin, or The White Knight. Nights in White Satin is performed byMoody Blues, while The White Knight is performed by Cledus Maggard.

Why does Yoda talk backwards?

In inventing languages for aliens in movies, writers often followthe language patterns in other Earth languages ( for exampleKlingon is in the word and case format of Swahili and Spock talksin Vulcan which is French written backwards). Even Jar Jar Binks isgiven an accent and speech pattern similar ( Full Answer )

How do you talk like a white girl?

is like omg so difficult to explain but let me go investigate and ill ttyl oo and im Mexican my name is damaris A

In Snow White does dopey the dwarf talk?

He only talks once in the whole movie. When Snow White is leaving with her prince at the end of the movie, he tries very hard to talk and manages to stammer, "G-goodbye, Snow White!" Everone is surprised and happy because Dopey finally talks.

What level are white knights' on rune scape?

In Runescape, a White Knight is a type of armored NPC (Non-Player Character) found at the White Knights' Castle in Falador, and there are currently four (4) different levels. These four levels are 36, 38, 39, and 42. The color of the White Knight's helmet plume (the colored Feathers on top of their ( Full Answer )

How do you to the white planet on Astro Knights on poptropica?

There are three space sharks guarding the ice planet. Shooting them will not do anything but make them follow you. So, you can keep shooting and try to make them all follow you, or you can take one at a time.(It's your choice) Barely keep the shark that is following you on your screen. To make the g ( Full Answer )

What are the southern white knights?

The term is sometimes applied to the Ku Klux Klan and similar organizations such as the Night Riders. ( not, Knight Riders) As they operated on horseback and did wear white costumes ( but not Knightly armor by any means- and certainly not noblemen as regards to fighting tactics.. they verged on terr ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you defeat the white knight in dragon quest?

Head back to Stornway Castle and speak to King Schott. (SPOILER) Then, head to Zere and converse with Alanna. Then head west and follow the path to Doomingale Forest. Head for the big splotch in the middle of the map. Good Luck. :-) Afterwards u have to kill his wife :-)

How do you backwards?

like you can, but it is very hard, your bum cheaks will hurt after and you must rest them after i hope this has helped and i look forwrad to hearing your sexual stories lots of love xx 8====D-------------------------######

What band did the song Knights in White Satin?

actually it is Nights in White Satin, but I like your title better, could be a crime drama about female detectives courageously fighting crime in the bedroom suites of Motels! that"s an idea. song was done by the Moody Blues. I lilke the concluding line- before the poem- Just what you want to be, Yo ( Full Answer )

How do you talk like a white person?

White people do not all sound the same, there are a number of regional accents. President John F. Kennedy did not have the same accent as President Lyndon B. Johnson, and neither of them had the same accent as President Ronald Reagan, although they were all very famous white people. However, I can s ( Full Answer )

How do astronomers observing distant galaxies talk about looking backward in time?

The speed of light is not infinite. Light takes time to travel fromdistant galaxies to our eyes here on Earth. If a galaxy is 1billion light years away, it has taken 1 billion years for thelight emitted by said galaxy to reach us here, so (obviously) weare seeing the light emitted 1 billion years ag ( Full Answer )

What is black city that they talk about in Pokemon White?

The White Forest is in pokemon white and Black City is in pokemon black. They are the same thing but the only difference is you can't catch pokemon in the Black City but you can muy lots of cool stuff. In a nutshell they are the same thing but just a little different bacause of the different games.

Who talked to the tall white aliens?

I am not sure who talked to them but tall whites are a typeof aliens. they are taller than normal humans and have a masculinebuild.

Do you need to be funded to be a white knight in Maplestory?

You dont really need to be funded to be a white knight. I had a friend lvl 154 white knight who does quite good dmg. He wasn't funded at all but it is good to be funded to do more dmg. Around 500-1bil mesos will be used to created a good white knight. non-funded white knights should spend atleast 10 ( Full Answer )

Why does Obama not talk about his white heritage?

The premise of this question is incorrect. He does talk about his heritage on his mother's side, quite a bit, probably as much or more than his ancestry on his father's side. He has frequently talked about his causasian grandparents and his mother and the impact his biracial heritage has had on his ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to dream of white people talking to you?

The meaning of this dream depends on who the "white people" are, what they tell you, and the overall content and context of the dream. It would make a big difference if by "white people" you mean Caucasian (of European descent) or some sort of pale ghost or other non-human creature. Very generally, ( Full Answer )

What logo has a blue backwards R with a white star in it?

The logo with a blue "R" written backwards with a white star in itis that of Toys R Us and has been in use since 2007. The Toys R Uslogo has changed many times over the years. The use of the "R"written backward has been in existence since 1965, but in 1965 to1970 the Toys R Us logo was black and whi ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a white knight within literature?

A white knight is your romantic disney type hero who comes to raid of the counterpart "damsel in distress". He is usually characterized by virtue, strength, passion, and must overcome some physical challenges to gain the love of the damsel.

What happens when you talk backwards?

it could be pig-latin, yibberish or silliness, no one would be ableto understand you unless they spoke like that as well