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The Roman word for "city". A "citizen" is somebody who lived in the "city", meaning Rome. In modern language, we use the word "citizen" to represent anybody who is a member of our nation.

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Where is the word idiot derived from?

Idiot is from the Greek word 'idiotees', meaning a private citizen who had learnt no profession and was considered to be ignorant.

Where did the word 'netiquette' come from?

Netizen derived from the term citizen, referring to a citizen of the Internet. The term implies civic responsibility and participation.

What is a word that is derived from the Greek word mercury?

Mercury is not a word derived from greek but from the latin word "Mercurius". mercurial is a word derived from Mercurius.:-)

Where is the word computer derived from?

the word computer is derived from word compute

From which Latin word is factory derived?

The word factory is derived from the medieval Latin word factoria. It is also derived from the Latin word factor.

What is the etymology of the word derived?

Derived is from the Latin word, dervivare.

Which language is the word conspicuous derived from?

From which language is the word "conspicuous" derived from?

What is the derived verb of the word method?

a derived verb is a word that has a verb

From what word is the word physics derived?

Physics is derived from the greek word physikos meaning nature

Where was He symbol derived from?

it is derived from the word Helium.

Moringa is derived from the word?

The name is derived from the Tamil word murunggai (முருங்கை)

The word mishmash was derived from what word?

A theory: Mishmash might be derived from the German word "Mischmasch". That one is derived from the verb "mischen" which means "to mix".

What language did city come from?

City is derived from the Middle English word cite, which is derived from the Old French word cité, which is derived from the Latin word cīvitās.

Where does the word civility come from?

The root word is "civil" which means:of or relating to the people and of adequate in courtesy and politeness. It comes from the Latinword civilis which means " citizen"."civility" is the noun derived from civil meaning polite actions and words.

What is the root word of citizen?

citizen itself

Where did the word zero originate from?

Zero is a cipher (Arabic numeral) and is derived from the French word zéro which is derived from Medieval Latin zephirum which is in turn derived from the Arabic word sifr.

Where did the word duty come from?

The word duty is derived - through Middle-English - from the Anglo-Norman French word deute -> which in turn is derived from the Old-French word deu meaning "owed". That word derived from the Latin word debitus.

What do you call a word from which another word is derived?

A word that has another word derived from it is called an Eponym. The two words will usually have different meanings.

Word from which another word is derived?

The root word.

What is the Origin of the word market?

the English word marketderived from the North French word market derived from the Latin root *marcatus derived from the Latin word mercatus (gathering for the purposes of commerce, market; fair) derived from the Latin word mercari (trade; buy) derived from the Latin word merx (commodity; merchandise, goods Another interesting observation.... It could be derived from the South Indian language,Kannada. Maaru (selling) +katte (platform)

Is the word citizen plural are singular?

The word 'citizen' is a singular noun.The plural form is 'citizens'.

What is the root word for matter?

The word "matter" is derived from Latin materia, which itself is derived from mater, mother.

What words does the word community come from?

The word "community" is derived from an Old French which was derived from the Latin communitas.

What Latin word is environment derived from?

its derived frm da latin word environ meanin "surroundings"

What is a word derived by texas?

Guessing you mean, what's the origin of the word Texas. It was derived from the Tejas Indians.