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30 differnet ways to distibute them i do beleave so

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Q: There are 10 empty lockers in the hallway at school three new students are to be given lockers how many different ways could they be assigned lockers?
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Does mott hall3 have lockers?

no Mott Hall 3 doesn't have lockers do to lack of hallway space

How many lockers do The Steelers have assigned to them?

one each

Why should juniors high have lockers?

Junior high school students generally move from classroom to classroom throughout the day following the same model as high school students. They need lockers in order to store their books and folders. This is in contrast to the elementary school model where students have a single classroom and store their school materials in a desk which is assigned to them.

What are the things associated with school?

You have all sorts of stuff, in my school/College there is all different apartments for all diffrent stuff even P.E department.

How do you describe a high school hallway?

A high school hallway is typically a long corridor with lockers lining the walls, classrooms branching off from either side, and students moving between classes. The hallway is usually crowded and noisy during passing periods, with a somewhat chaotic atmosphere as students rush from one class to another. It can be a social hub where students interact, share stories, and catch up with friends.

Why do high schools have lockers yet many elementary schools do not?

High schools have lockers because students have many books that they must take to each class, and need to store the ones not currently in use. However, elementary school students often are in one or two classrooms throughout the day and store their books in their assigned desks instead.

What students both touched lockers 13 and 81?


When do kids start using lockers?

At my school, kids have lockers in their classrooms in 4th and 5th Grade, and then in 6th through 8th grade you get lockers in the hallway. i live in England and we don't have lockers :(

When the 1000 students are finished opening and closing the 1000 lockers which lockers are open?

If they have all opened them and then closed them, then they are all closed.

How do I apply for a school locker?

Usually lockers are assigned to students from their home room teacher (first class teacher in the mornings). Your best option would be to talk to a staff member directly in order to establish a locker for your storage.

Does forest hills high school have lockers?

It depends on which Forest Hills High School you're thinking about. The Forest Hills in Forest Hills, NY do have lockers for gym and some older students have personal lockers apart from their gym lockers

Allotted in a sentence?

The students were alloted two lockers per student, a gym locker and a hallway locker.