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There are actually 4 different forms of Olympic games. The Summer, Winter and The Special Olympics are all established Olympiads. But starting with the inaugaral Olympiad in Singapore, 2010, there will also be the Youth Olympics.

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Which famous Australian swam in three olympic games?

Fraser has won all 3 olympic games.

What city has had the most olympic games?

The City of London with 3 games

What famous Australian athlete swam in three Olympic games?

Dawn Fraser has won all 3 olympic games.

What 3 sports made there debut at the 2002 summer Olympic games?

The Summer Olympic Games did not take place in 2002.

Name some famous German Olympians?

1) Birgit Fischer - won 8 gold medals in 6 different Olympic Games in kayaking. 2) Reiner Klimke - won 6 gold medals in 5 different Olympic Games in equestrian. 3) Isabell Werth - won 5 gold medals in 4 different Olympic Games in equestrian. 4) Claudia Pechstein - won 5 gold medals in 4 different Olympic Games in speed skating. 5) Carl Schuhmann - the first great German Olympian, won 4 gold medals in gymnastics and wrestling at the 1896 Games in Athens.

How many games in a match in men's Olympic volleyball?

There are 3 games in a match.

What are the games for Youth Olympic Games?

There are a total of 28 sports for the Youth Olympic Games. Some sports have been modified to suit younger competitors, e.g. basketball is played on a 3-on-3 version.

Where were the last 3 olympic games held?

The last three olympic games where held in sydney, athens and beijing. And then obviously this years is in london.

How many Maltese athletes participated in 2012 olympic games?

Five athletes were selected to the team to compete only in 3 different sports.

How many Olympic games have been held in Australia?


Will London be the first to hold 3 olympic games?


How long has Fiji been in the Olympic games?

they have competed in 12 summer games and 3 winter games

How many athletes did maldives send to the 2012 olympic games?

Five Divehi athletes were selected to the team, competing only in 3 different sports.

Where can you find a list of the Olympic Games and their host cities?

Click on the 'Olympic Games Host Cities' link on this page and scroll down about 3/4 of the way to find the host cities of all Olympic Games dating back to 1896.

How many gold medels did dawn fraser win in the Olympic games?

7 you cand get all her info on wiki pedia She won 8 Olympic medals over 3 different games 1956/60 & 64. 4 Gold medals and 4 Silver.

What is the 3 word motto of the Olympic Games?

Faster, higher, and stronger

When were the first winter olympic games?

It was in 1924 at Chamoix, France. :) <3

How Many gold medal has Canada won in the olympic games?


How many countries participated in the first winter olympic games?


How many years after olympic games take place?

after 3 years

What takes place during the 3 ceremonies at the Olympic games?

your mumma

How many times has russia host the olympic games?

3 times

How many gold medals has America won at the Olympic Games?

America has won a total of 2298 Olympic medals and 253 winter Olympic medals. They have already won 11 medals in the 2012 Olympic games and it has only been on for 3 days!!!

Which city has held the most olympic games?

The cities that hosted the most Summer Olympic games are Athens and London, with 3 each. Lake Placid, St. Moritz and Innsbruck hosted the most number of Winter Olympic games, at 2 each.

How do you light the torches on asterix at the Olympics games?

You have to win the first 3 Olympic games and then use the 3 mirrors to light the torches.

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