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I think No. The pyramids pointed to a star and they belived that the sprit of the dead will go there.

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What is shaped like a pyramid?

Some things shaped like a pyramid are a triangle, an Egyptain pyramid and some outdoor umbrellas.

What are the main differences between a square prism and a square pyramid?

A square prism is shaped like a cubid. A square pyramid is a pyramid with a square base.

Explain the difference between a square pyramid and a square prism?

A square prism is shaped like a cubid. A square pyramid is a pyramid with a square base.

What are household items are shaped like a square based pyramid?

Well there are tents shapped like a square pyramid

What things are shaped like a pyramid?

There are so many things which are shaped like a pyramid. Some of these things include the Pyramid Island in Nevada, earrings, cakes, hopscotch, chandeliers and so much more.

What does the top view of a square pyramid look like?

cone shaped * * * * * It is a square.

What is the shape of pyramid?

Pyramid shaped... like triangular but the bottom has a square base and at the top it meets at a point.

What things are shaped like a square pyramid?

the base part of some church steeples. depends on what you mean by "things" do you want an object or something specific like candy or something

What are structures like the pyramids?

They're pyramids. Pyramid Shaped things are like the Pyramids

What household item is shaped like a pyramid?

what household item is the shaped like a pyramid

Why is a food chain shaped like a pyramid?

a food chain is not shaped like a pyramid, it is however a line shape. But,an energy pyramid is.

Things that are shaped like a trapezoid?

Back of U.S one dollar bill, unfinished pyramid

What are examples of square pyramids shapes found in the home?

An example of a square-based pyramid are sometimes the roof of houses, a single Toblerone, a candle of which is shaped like a pyramid, the pyramid on a dollar bill, and sometimes a grain of salt.

What thing is shaped like a pyramiad?

a doriato iss shaped like a pyramid.

What objects are shaped like pyramids?

the pyramidsthe object that is shaped like a pyramid is/are paper folded by triangle and the shape that is like the shape of an pyramid is triangle.

Things shape as a rectangular pyramid?

There are some Christmas gift stands that are shaped like rectangular pyramids.

Is it possible to draw a square pyramid with the shaped like a triangles explain?

A square based pyramid would fit the given description because it will have 5 faces, 8 edges and 5 vertices

Why is an energy pyramid shaped like a pyramid?

it is in order from producer to decomposers

How does a pyramid form?

a pyramid is shaped like an triangle but 3-d

What is the difference between a cube and a pyramid?

A cube has 6 "walls" and it is like a 3d squareA pyramid has 5 " walls" and is like those Egyptian things

What is food pyramid why it is shaped like a pyramid?

it is a piece of pizza or half a piece of toast. It is shaped like that because i cut it that way. ChaCha Again!

What states are shaped like a square?

which state is shaped like a glove

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