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Q: Thinking about someone and they call?
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What do you call it when you know what someone is thinking in a story?


What do you call someone who specialises in argicultre?

I'm thinking of farmer or horticulturist?

When thinking of someone long and hard enough will that make them call or think of you?


What does it mean if you call someone by the name of your crush by accident?

it means you are thinking of your crush

What do you call it when your thinking the same thing as someone else?

telepathy,subconscious mind reading or psychic.

Why is it illegal to have red paintballs?

Because it and pink looks to similar to a blood splatter when it hits someone, which may cause someone observing to call the police, thinking someone is using a firearm.

If the persons you always think will thinking of you too?

If you continually think about someone, there is a possibility that they may also think of you. However, thoughts and feelings are subjective and can vary from person to person. It is not guaranteed that someone will always be thinking of you just because you are thinking of them.

What you can do with someone thinking in the past?

You cannot alter someone's thinking. The way someone thinks is purely their way.

What it means when someone says they are thinking about you?

they are thinking about you

When you sneeze someone is thinking about you?

The mythical statement that when you sneeze, then someone is thinking about you, is just a myth.

If you are thinking someone are they thinking of you at the same time?

This idea is pure superstition. There is no reason to believe that someone is thinking of you just because you are thinking of him or her. If someone is obsessed with another person, for example, this doesn't indicate that the other person is obsessively thinking about the first person.

Can someone with Peter Pan syndrome be suicidal?

anyone can be suicidal, if you or someone you know is thinking about suicide please call the Lifeline, a suicide hotline network at 1-800-273-TALK.