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Q: This is a condition which remains constant or unchanged in an experiment.?
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What is a condition which remains constant or unchanged in an experiment?

yes queen

What is a constant in a testable question?

Something that remains unchanged. This could be a control in an experiment

What is a variable that remains unchanged?

A constant

A quantity in an experiment that remains unchanged or constant?

Nothing cuz i don't do expermints at all cuz i don't like skool! its boring! But i like music!!

What remains constant in an experiment?


What remains unchanged in transformer action?

In a standard transformer, the ratio of input volts to output volts remains constant.

What A factor that remains the same phases of an experiment?

A Constant

What is the name of the variable that remains the same throughout the experiment?

the/a constant.

What happens to the manganese in the oxygen generation experiment?

It just acts as a catalyst, so it remains unchanged in the end.

What must different parts of the body do to maintain homestasis?

either remain unchanged or keep a dynamic balance that remains constant.

What is the variable that remains constant in an experiment?

The control is the variable that is held is held constant throughout all experiments, and duplications of them. By isolating control variables sources of error and or influence on a system can be managed and understood.

What is the difference between an experimentation variable and a control variable?

In a controlled experiment, the control variable remains constant while the experimental variable changes with each trial of the experiment.