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This question could refer to many different people, so it's practically impossible to create an exhaustive list. Here are a couple of people who sang in church choirs while growing up as Methodist pastors' grandchildren: Leontyne Price

Public choirs are choirs that are open to the public and you dont need to have an audition to join that choir I hope my answer helped

The duration of Battle of the Choirs is 3600.0 seconds.

The duration of Clash of the Choirs is 2 hours.

There are flute choirs consisting of only flute players. But there are sometimes parts written for flute to accompany vocal choirs.

There are 9 choirs of angels, grouped into 3 orders.

Probably thousands. It's impossible to know the exact number. Many churches have choirs, most high schools and colleges have choirs, there are professional choirs who sing with orchestras and opera companies and there are community choirs all across the country who sing just because they love it.

Battle of the Choirs - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Most, but not all choirs wear robes so that they look unified and professional. Some choirs, who cant afford the expensive robes, wear a single color like black so that they get the same effect.

Traditional Judaism does not have choirs. In ancient times, the Levites sang in the Temple; and today certain prayers (such as Lecha Dodi) are sung by everyone in unison. Other than that, synagogues don't have choirs.

Human beings seem to enjoy making music, and feeling part of a community, and choirs enable people to do both.

There are nine choirs of angels, not twelve: Seraphim Cherubim Thrones Dominions Virtues Powers Principalities Archangels Angels

choir = mahk-heh-LAH (מקהלה) choirs = mak-heh-LOHT (מקהלות)

.Catholic AnswerThere are nine choirs of angels: .Nine Choirs of Angels.1. Angels,2. Archangels,3. Principalities,4. Powers,5. Virtues,6. Dominations,7. Thrones,8. Cherubim, and9. Seraphim.

They just form choirs.

Choirs were made up in many different ways, which should not be a surprise because the Middle Ages lasted a thousand years and the period is used for the area larger than a continent. We have pictures of choirs of monks and children. We know there were choirs entirely made up of monks or nuns, and these provided singing for churches and cathedrals. Singing was done in local churches, and there are likely to have been choirs in any given parish, so the best singers could be selected for the service.

The noun choir is a singular noun; the plural form is choirs.Example: The choirs of three local churches will be performing at the ceremony.

works for two or more choirs.

Flute can be in a lot of enembles. It can be in a full band ensemble, full orchestra ensemble, woodwind choirs, flute choirs, duets, trios, quartets...

William Henry Doody has written: 'Hints to choirs and choirmasters' -- subject(s): Choirs (Music), Instruction and study, Singing

Bobby Jones Gospel - 1980 Best of Choirs was released on: USA: 13 June 2010

A general chorus usually contains singers who come from all vocal abilities, some advanced, and some beginning. Usually, these types of choirs don't perform as much as the advanced choirs. Advanced choirs are usually harder to get into, but all the vocal abilities are the same...meaning there are no beginners who are only singing because they enjoy it. Advanced choirs perform frequently and sometimes even tour.

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