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Only one thing can be acceleration; the changing velocity of any given object. That's what acceleration is.

Acceleration is caused by a net force on the object.

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Acceleration includes what three things?

changing direction, speeding up, and slowing down

What three things can acceleration mean?

Increasing speed, decreasing speed, and change of direction

What three things are measured by mass?

1)weight 2)acceleration due to gravity

What three things is gravitational potential energy dependent on?

height, acceleration due to gravity and mass

What is the acceleration of an object that is thrown towards the ground?

The acceleration of an object thrown towards the ground is based on three things on earth- the initial acceleration of the throw, the force of gravity, and the air resistance (drag) of the object. To get the total acceleration, add the initial acceleration and the force of gravity, then subtract the air resistance.

What is positive negative and zero acceleration is?

positive acceleration is when things speed up; negative acceleration is when things slow down; and zero acceleration is when things do not speed up or slow down, this is called constant speed, or no change in velocity.

Matter is made of what three things?

Mass, force, and acceleration, i belIEvee! 2nd Answer: Mass, force and acceleration can act upon matter, but are not matter, themselves. Your answer would be atoms and subatomic particles.

What three thing need to be known to solve an equation for the law of motions?

If you are talking about newton's second law of motion, the three things are : force, mass, and acceleration

An object is accelerating when?

Any of these three things means acceleration: -- speed is increasing -- speed is decreasing -- direction of motion is changing, like driving on a curve

Is it speed acceleration velocity when a softball is hit into the outfield?

In that case, you have all three - speed, acceleration, velocity.

94 Camry is not getting gas on acceleration?

There are three thing that must be present for an car to work properly1. compression 2.fuel supply 3.ignition. There are many things that control these three things and all three items can make the car of the era run poorly and sometimes it will not run at all.

The fate of the universe depends on 2 things what are they?

1.the shape of the universe 2.the rate of acceleration or de-acceleration

What happens to the acceleration if the force applied is increased three times?

Assuming the mass remains constant, the acceleration will be tripled as well.

Acceleration is a?

Yes. A can be a variable representing many things, but it most commonly (especially in grade school physics) is used to represent acceleration.

Explain how force acceleration and mass are related?

These three variables are related by Newton's Second law: Force = mass x acceleration.

What three quantities are related in newtons second law of motion?

Force = Mass X Acceleration Or just Force, Mass, Acceleration.

What are the three laws of motion?

The three laws of motion are: The Law of Inertia The Law of Acceleration and The Law of Interaction.

Which are considered vectors?

I only know three: Velocity,Acceleration, and Force

What three forces drive a roller coaster?

acceleration centrifugal friction

What is the acceleration of an object at rest?

An object at rest doesn't have acceleration unless it has potential energy to be used or a force acts on it. Acceleration is how fast things pick up speed. This also means turns and stops. So there is technically no acceleration of an object at rest.

Does acceleration always mean that things speed up?

No, acceleration is change in velocity. (And velocity is speed in a certain direction.) If an object slows down, then it is changing velocity and thus accelerating. (In this case, the acceleration is negative.) If an object changes direction, then it's velocity changes, so this is also acceleration. (This is centripetal acceleration.)

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