Ticking after car is shut off?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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I think what you are hearing is the metal engine and exhaust parts cooling down. Because they are metal, they will expand and contract as they heat and cool. You can't hear the expansion because the engine is running. It's the contraction you are hearing.

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Q: Ticking after car is shut off?
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Have 1989 cadillac deville changed thermo still no heat Heater clunks if left on when car is shut off also ticking noise under glove compartment in fuse box when car is shut off Help?

You may have some MAJOR electrical problems. If left un-checked electrical shorts can cause fires whether you are in the car or not. HAVE IT CHECKED IMMEDIATELY!!!

Why engine shut off after car ran hot?

because when a car is on to long it will shut off because it was on to long

Your 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix ticks when you shut it off. whats up with that?

The ticking noice from under the hood comes from the cooling of the thin metal work near the exhaust system. The ticking is it cooling off and shrinking slightly.

Brand new 2009 makes ticking sound when you shut off engine?

it mite be the exhaust some of them tick when there hot.

Why will the blower motor on my 2005 Chevy Impala not shut off when the car is shut off with the keys out of the ignition?

when my car did this it was a blown fuse

Is there a trick to get your car to shut off with a timing problem?

Shut it off in drive, then put it in park.

Your car starts then seconds later it shut off what wrong?

Q.Your car starts then seconds later it shut off what wrong A. that must be some crappy car

If you unknowingly activate the remote starter feature in your car will the car keep running until you shut it off or will it shut off after a certain amount of time?

Well basicly, Turn the car off automaticly

Why your car shut off?

Because you turned the key.

Does your car shut off when the timing belt breaks?


Can the therastat make your car hot and shut off?


1988 Chrysler new yorker dashboard and sidedoor lights didn't shut off when car is shut off.?

because the doors are broken becacause he forgot to shut off the light.