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The travel time from Earth to Venus is 3.5 Earth months.

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What is the time needed to travel around Venus?

8526 earth days.

What is the time needed to rotate the axis on Venus?

24 earth days and a year on venus is 225 earth days

What time is needed to travel around Venus?

it takes about 999 eath days

Which planet has the shorter travel time in light years from earth Jupiter or venus?

Venus is about 2.32 light minutes from Earth, Jupiter is about 35 light minutes from Earth.

What is the travel time from Earth to Venus in light years?

At its closest, Venus is about 4 light-MINUTES away. When Earth and Venus are on opposite sides of the Sun, it's more like 12 light-minutes.

What is the travel time from Earth to Venus?

It all depends on the speed of whatever you are flying with. And how close your destination is to you.

How much time does it take for Venus to orbit around the sun?

It takes about 224.7 Earth days for Venus to travel around the Sun. This is also known as Venus' period of revolution.

Time needed for mercury to travel around sun?

About 88 Earth days.

How many miles would you have to travel if you set off from Mars and flew past the Earth to Venus?

a long time!

How much time would it take light to travel from Venus to Earth?

The distance between Venus and Earth can be anything between 25.8 million and 160.2 million miles. The corresponding travel times at light speed are between 138 seconds and 860 seconds ... from 2min18sec to 14min20sec .

Does Venus has the same time as Earth?

no it does not

At what time of day will Venus be visible from earth?

Stope worrying about venus and get a life!

What are two reasons the period of Venus is shorter than the period of Earth?

Which period - revolutionary period or rotational period? Obviously it's the time taken to orbit the Sun that's meant because the time Venus takes to rotate is much LONGER than Earth. Two reasons are: 1) Venus has a shorter orbital distance to travel. 2) Venus orbits at a higher speed.

Time needed for venus to rotate on its axis?

234 Days

How long does it take to travel from earth to venus?

Recently, a spacecraft flew or floated or whatever to Venus and it took 97 days to get there, a little over 3 months. IDK the speed. However, travel times to Venus vary depending on trajectory. Since the Earth and Venus are orbiting the sun, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of elliptical trajectories to reach Venus, with some using less fuel but taking longer, and others using more fuel but taking less time.

What is the length of time it takes to travel to Venus?

This would depend on your meathod of transportation and where Venus is when you decide to travel. Venus at it's closest point to earth is 40 million miles - so if you decide to walk - and time it so that you arrive when Venus is at it's closest point - you'd need to leave 1141.55 years in advance (walking at 4 MPH which is a pretty quick pace). Venus can be as far as 140 million miles away - so it would be advantagous to time it to where you get there when it is at it's closest point.

How long does it take venus and mercury to rotate one time?

Venus : about 243 Earth days. Mercury about 58.65 Earth days.

Did venus and mars make the earth?

No. Venus, Earth, and Mars formed around the same time, largely independent of one another.

Venus rotation time?

About 243 Earth days.

What planet is nearest to Earth?

Venus, most of the time.

Which of Mercury Venus or Mars is the planet which is most often closest to the Earth?

Mercury is closest to the Earth for about 46% of the time, Venus for about 37% of the time and Mars for the remaining 17%.

How many Earth days eaqals a day in Venus?

according to my research, 243 earth days equals to 1 venus day, which is 5832 hours per day venus time, and also venus actually rotates in a reverse direction to that of earth,

How long is a day or a year on Venus?

There are about 225 Earth days in 1 year (time to orbit the Sun) on Venus. A "sidereal day" for Venus (rotation time) is about 243 Earth days. The "solar day" for Venus (based on the position of the Sun) is about 117 Earth days. This "day" depends on the orbital motion of a planet around the Sun, as well as its rotation time.

How many time bigger is the earth than Venus?

Venus is so similar to earth in size and weight that it is often called Earth's twin.

What is Venus' rotation time on axis?

The rotation time on axis for Venus is 243 Earth days! So weird to ours!

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