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timing diagramI don't know of a "diagran" for setting the timing, i do know this is how its done.I have had broncos from the first year they came out and just finished a 470 Hp 89 full size ground up rebuild. So the information I am going to post should work just fine.

Depending on what you are doing to your motor,if you are overhauling it you would need to set the timing marks on the cam and the crank shaft gears then install the timing chain. If you are just doing maintenance or minor work that requires setting the timing then the following info should be all you need.

On the crank shaft damper or harmonic balancer there will be factory timing marks BTDC (before top dead center) TDC (top dead center)ATDC (after top dead center) Most 5.0L(302) and 5.7l (351w) motors the timing sets between 8-11 degrees BTDC.

Also there are a couple of different ign systems used. Duraspark II-III are the most popular that I have seen. meaning the dist are different. If your truck has duraspark III you have to find a single wire that's capped off somewhere around the dist and un-plug it in order to set your timing. Remove the #1 spark plug and bring the piston to the top of the stroke.

check the rotor to see if it points to the #1 wire pin on the dist cap. if it doesnt then you have to remove and replace your dist to the right position. now you can use a regular timing light to set your timing. that's the way I have been doing it for years and it has always worked for me. hope this helps you out.

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Q: Timing diagram for a 1988 ford bronco?
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