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The term used for promoting growth and development is: foster.

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Q: To Promote the growth or development of?
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What are the three factors that promote child growth and development?

Sleep,exercise and sleep

What plant hormones promote stem growth and the development of fruits?

No options given to answer

What hormones promote bone and muscle healing?

hormones respnsoble for growth and development

What adaptation would promote the survival of a perennial in a temperate forest?

development of periods of growth and dormancy

Which of the following does not promote growth and development?

Proteins Lipids (fats and oils) and carbs...they give energy

What is Economic growth and economic development?

what is economic growth and development? Economic development is the institutional change made to promote economic betterment. It is the process of lmproving the quality of human life through increasing per caita income.

How can governments promote economic growth?

How can the government promote growth in the economy

What substance that enhance growth development?

Milk has been shown to promote strong, healthy bones which is why it is important for young children to consume it. While it will not promote a growth spurt, it will assist the body in the natural process of increasing the size of your bones, and in the end, you!

What are the factors promote for development and growth of entrepreneurship?

The black golfer eat an otter and pooped on a unipegasus by nick fabs dumb beyblade.

Why do cells need to reproduce?

So the new one can replace the old one To promote growth & development &there is another resonance but I can't remember

What are the responsibilities of secretary of commerce?

To create jobs, promote economic growth, encourage sustainable development and improve standards of living for all Americans

The instruction for growth and development are in?

The instructions for growth and development are in DNA.