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Q: To be kind and polite for a knight?
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To be kind and polite?

to be a knight

What are you called if you were kind and polite during the middle ages?

If you were kind an polite, you might be called chivalrous.

What does act polite mean?

Act polite means to be kind and if you don't know what kind means it means to be nice.

What would a polite person do?

be kind

What kind knight watches for the enemies?

A knight watchman

What does curtious mean?

to be kind and do special things for other people

Could any kind of boy become a knight?

A boy had to be son of a knight to become a knight.

What does it mean to respect somebody?

to be kind, polite and honest

How was diggy simmons characteristics?

he is very kind and a polite

What is 9 letter word for polite and kind?


What is polite and kind?

Consideration for others, and in a mannerly fashion.

What is a nine letter word for polite and kind?

Courteous is a nine letter word for polite and kind. One should be courteous to everyone they meet, regardless of the circumstances.