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To function as a server a computer must be running as a WINDOWS based server i.e windows 2000, windows NT, windows 2k3, windows 2k8 editions of server installed on computer

the server could be Linux based as well.

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Q: To function as a server a computer must be running a?
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What must be running on a computer to function as a server?

NOS (Network Operating System)

How do you keep a minecraft server running?

Im not sure this is correct dude but ive heard that you must keep your computer running at all times you want the server to be up.and have the program open and running. i think that's all you need to do but if im wrong sorry.

Can you use a server as a desktop computer?

Computer server: A computer that manages centralized data storage or network communications resources. A server provides and organizes access to these resources for other computers linked to it.When a a computer can manage efficiently all those resources, it will be a powerful server. Note that behind a computer must have skilled operators.

What do you do to join the computer to a domain in Windows Server 2003 environment?

The process of actually joining a computer to a domain must occur at the computer itself and be performed by a member of the computer's local Administrators group. After logging on, you join a computer running Windows Server 2003 to a domain from the Computer Name tab in the System Properties dialog box (which is accessible from the System icon in Control Panel).

What roles must be installed with the fax server role on a windows server 2008 computer?

Print Services

What has happened to statcountercom cannot get into the website?

Their site is up and running. It must have been an server error.

Can DNS and DHCP both be on one server?

Absolutely. If you are running a Windows server, configure the DNS and DHCP Server settings in [Start] [Administrator Programs]. If you have a *nix server, configure the named and dhcpd daemons. In either case, if you are running a single-server scenario, there are many advantages to running both DHCP and DNS on the same box. For example, if your local domain is set to something like "example.local", your PCs in the network would have names like accounting.example.local, server.example.local, and so on. By having both services configured together, you will be able to address your local network by the computer name ("accounting" or "ScottsDesktop", etc), without the "example.local". If you are running Small Business Server, I think you *must* use both DNS and DHCP on that server, integrated into Active Directory.

How do you access server in client machine?

the server will run in a specific port ,by sending request to that port in a specific format we can access the server for accessing the server one must know it's IP address and port in which it is running

Got WiFi in my laptop got connected with other laptop but cant play need for speed most wanted on lan?

Make sure one laptop is running the "server". The server can still play, but it MUST be running a server. Otherwise both laptops are looking for a server. If there is a server, check firewall permissions on both laptops - if one is a problem, then it won't work correctly.

Which edition of windows can be used to serve up remote desktop?

To use Remote Desktop, the computer you want to remotely acess (the server) must be running Vista Business or Ultimate editions or Windows XP Professional, but the computer you're using to access it (the client) can be running any version of Windows.

What is associated with installing the first domain controller in a forest of 2008?

Considerations when Installing a new Windows Server 2008 forestWhen you install AD to create the first domain controller in a new Windows Server 2008 forest, you must keep the following considerations in mind: You must make forest and domain functional level decisions that determine whether your forest and domain can contain domain controllers that run Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, or both. To read more about forest and domain functional levels please refer to the links below.Domain controllers running the Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 operating system are NOT supported with Windows Server 2008.Servers running Windows NT Server 4.0 are NOT supported by domain controllers that are running Windows Server 2008, meaning you MUST have additional DCs running Windows 2000/2003 to support older NT 4.0 servers.The first Windows Server 2008 domain controller in a forest must be a global catalog server and it cannot be an RODC.

What is the meaning of statement missing in function main in c language?

Every C program must have a function, named main(), which is where the program starts execution. If there is no function main(), the computer does not know where to start running the program. The function main() must also do something; if it is just empty, some smarter compilers will note that there is nothing for the program to do, and will give this sort of error message to indicate that you forgot to tell the program what to do.