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Q: To make a guess about what may happen based on carefully observation?
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What is a guess based on an observation?

A guess based on an observation is called a theory. !

To make a guess about what may happen based on careful observation?


What is to make a guess about what may happen based on careful observation called?

a forecast

What is the difference between a prediction and observation?

prediction is when you do not know what will happen but you guess that it will happen. observation is when you see something

Why is an inference not an observation?

an educated guess or assumtion or guess or prediction about what is going to happen

A guess about a pattern relationship based on observation?


What is a infrence in science?

making and educated guess based on your observation.

What do you call a prediction to your observation that can be tested based on an educated guess and your experience?

A hypothesis.

What is the difference between discovery science and hypothesis based science?

Discovery science is extensive observation through discoveries, analyze data and guess what's gonna happen.Hypothesis-based science is educated guess. It's involved with writing hypothesis and drawing conclusion.

What are most hypothesis based?

Previous observation, instinct of the scientists, or just pure guess.

What is the difference between hypothesis and observation?

The hypothesis is your guess of what will happen with the experiment before you do it. Observation is watching the experiment as it is being performed and observing what is taking place.

What is a guess about a pattern or a relationship from observation?

A guess about a pattern or a relationship from an observation is known as a hypothesis.

What is an educated guess based on knowledge and observation?

In mathematics, it is often useful to make an educated guess when working on the solution to a problem. This is called an estimate.

How are prediction and hypothesis similar?

They are similar because there both a guess. A prediction is a statement of what will happen and a hypothesis is an explanation about an observation. (:

How are observations different from inferences?

An observation is something you experience directly with your senses - it's a fact. An inference is something you guess is happening based on what you observe - it's a guess.

Making an educated guess on the results of an experiment based on observation and the hypothesis is called making a?

conclusion..........i'm pretty sure

He process of arriving at a general conclusion based on the observation of specific examples is called reasoning?

This would be an hypothesis (an educated guess).

Can a scientific hypothesis be proven true?

No. A hypothesis is an educated guess, based on observation. Usually, a hypothesis can be supported or refuted through experimentation or more observation. A hypothesis can be disproven, but not proven to be true.

What is a guess at the outcome of an observation?


What is the importance of observation in a research?

The importance of observation is that you can guess the answer. What would be the baseline behavior

What is the difference between an observation hypothesis and theory?

A hypothesis is an 'educated guess' based on observation and common sense. A theory is a commonly-accepted hypothesis that has held under the pressure of testing by many different scientists.

What is an scientific hypothesis?

A scientific hypothesis is an "educated guess" about a result or solution based on prior knowledge and observation. It is the first step in the scientific method. The hypothesis must be something that can be supported or defended through experimentation or observation.

What is true of a scientific hypothesis?

A scientific hypothesis must be testable. A scientific hypothesis is an educated guess based on prior knowledge and observation before actually experimenting.

In maths what is a carefully considered guess?


What is the definition of predicition?

You predict something. Is making a guess about what's going to happen based on observations or instinct.