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Q: To place something exactly on the top of something else is to super....?
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What exactly do TRADERS do?

exchange something for something else in other word's trade.

Place something over something else?

superimpose superimpose

On Howrse what does 23 mean?

23 could refer to your place in the rankings, your horse's ranking, your ec ranking, or something else entirely. In what context exactly? I need a little more information to answer you.

What is the word for if you dont have something and you use something else in its place?

Alternate. substitute (verb)

What Verb means use in place of something else?

to substitute

What is a boundary of a place?

It is the edge or line where the attributes defining the place become something else.

What does it mean to move into something else's location by pushing it aside?

Displacement can mean the act of taking the place or position of something else.

What is the vc number?

The answer depends on what exactly you mean by VC: virtual channel, virtual circuit or something else.

Are all similar geometric figures are also congruent?

No, something could be similar to something else, but be bigger. To be congruent they need to be the exactly the same.

Are werewolves awesome?

werewolves are super duper ooper schmooper awesome! and if you think something else, then you suck.

Will there be a super Smash Brothers brawl 2?

There will probably be another game like it, but it will be titled something else.

What is onto?

A word used when you place something on top of something else: "I placed the book onto the table."