To stop friction what must be used?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Lubrication stops friction. If you put lubricant on a surface, there should be no friction

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Q: To stop friction what must be used?
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What is the by product of the friction used to stop?


What force is used for brakes used to stop a car?


What type of friction would be used to cause a book to slow down and stop when pushed?

Sliding friction causes a book to slow down and stop when pushed. ------- Might also be known as dynamic friction.

Why is part of work output is used to overcome friction?

In any type of movement there is friction. This must be accounted for.

What force is used to stop a vehicle?

the friction caused by the road agianst tires

When can motion stop friction?

Motion can never stop friction since friction is the resistance of the medium object travel in.

What can friction cause?

It can cause things to stop. (===========================) friction did that

What helps a bike to stop friction or gravity?


When there is no friction a gliding puck will what?

the friction will cause it to stop

Friction and its advantage to human motion?

There are many reasons why friction is an advantage to human motion. Friction helps humans to stop when they need to stop.

Will friction stop objects from flying?

Yes, friction can stop objects from flying . . . unless the objects are moved by something stronger than the friction.

How does friction affect motoin?

Friction is what causes an object to stop. Friction is cause by having and ridgy type ground forcing the object to stop.