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Q: To what profession have most presidents belong?
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What profession have most presidents belonged?


What is the most common profession for presidents?

More US presidents were lawyers before they became President. 25 of the 43 presidents were admitted to the bar, although not all them earned their living that way.Of course, if you consider politician to be a profession, even more of them engaged in that.

What professional background is common for presidents to rise from?

Law is the most common profession among the US presidents.

What profession did over half of the presidents practice?


What religious denomination have the largest number of presidents belong to?

Twelve Presidents have belonged to the Episcopal Church.

Does Jackson belong in the pantheon of great presidents?


Which is correct Presidents' Day Presidents Day or President's Day?

Grammatically, Presidents' Day is NOT correct. The correct spelling should have no apostrophes at all as the day does not BELONG to the presidents, therefore it is not possessive.

Which political party did three of four assassinated presidents belong?


Nayak cast of up belong to which profession?

Nayak Caste of U.P. belong to scheduled tribe in district (Gorakhpur,Maharajganj,Deoria,Mau).

Nayak cast of Uttar pradesh of India belong to which profession?

Nayaks are Snadya Brahmins

Which of the presidents was not a lawyer by profession?

Bill Clinton, despite extensive law school, was never a lawyer by profession - he was a law professor for a year before entering politics for the remainder of his life.

Where did most of the Presidents come from?

Most presidents came from Virgina