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To what temperature can a window air conditioner cool your room?

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It depends on the BTU of the air coditioner, the cubic footage of space in the room to be cooled, and the temperature and humidity in the room. Under best conditions, an standard air conditioner can only cool a room to the mid 60's. Any colder than this causes the evaporator to ice over, clogging the air flow into the room, which causes the temperature to rise, even though the air conditioner is still running.

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If you are trying to cool your home or room to a temperature that is lower than the temperature outside, then the electricity needed will be much greater if the window is open. So, in short, yes.AnswerOn a warm day, leaving your windows open will allow warm air to replace the air that your air conditioner just worked to cool. Thus, your air conditioner will have to continue to run, which uses electricity, to re-cool this air. Of course, using more electricity will cost you more money.

A window air conditioning unit placed in a windowless room ceases to be an air conditioner and instead becomes a dehumidifier, however, unless the condensed humidity (water) is removed from the room, it will simply be absorbed back into the room air as humidity.

There are many benefits to installing a central air conditioner. This will allow one to control the temperature of their house, and remain cool and comfortable during the summer months. It also has many benefits over a window mounted air conditioner, as central air allows each room in the house to be cooled equally.

How much space a room air conditioner can cool is dependent on the size of the unit. You can read the amount on the side of the box if you are not sure.

68 degrees is a cool room temp

it should need window, forget it , because with out window,as you don't have month.

By bringing warm air outside the room

leave it to cool in a cool room to about room temperature and then refridgerate.

Really, it depends on several factors:-The ceiling heightHow well insulated the room isNumber of people occupying the roomPieces of heat generating equipment in the roomThe ambient temperature outsideThe temperature you want to cool the room to

If it is just a fan, it will not cool it, it will simply blow the air around. To cool the air, you need a portable air conditioner. This will suck air in, cool it down, vent the hot air out (usually through the window, but can also be vented out through the roof or into a different room) and put the remaining cool air back into your room.

A 6000 BTU air conditioner can cool a room that is about 150 to 250 square feet. If the room is a very sunny room then it would lean more towards the smaller end of the room size.

Seriously? Cold air blows out of the air conditioner when it's on, reducing the temperature of the room. When the temperature in the room reaches some preset value, the air conditioner shuts off to prevent the temperature from dropping any lower. Once the air conditioner is shut off, heat sources within the room including people, appliances, and heat entering through walls and windows causes the temperature in the room to increase. When this happens the air conditioner kicks on again to bring the temperature back down. It ain't rocket science.

This size unit is enough to cool a room 450 square feet which gets a lot of sunlight; air conditioners are rated by BTUs not degrees of cooling, you run it until the room is the temperature you have chosen.

== == The acceptable room temperature varies depending on the following factors: == == * the climate - how different the room will be from the outdoor temperature and how acclimatised people are to this temperature * the humidity * the clothing worn by those in the room * whether those in the room are sedentary (remaining still) or physically active * the purpose for which the room is used * whether the air in the room is still or moving * whether the people are unwell A commonly acceptable temperature range is from about 20 to about 25 degrees C. The most common comfortable temperature to be set on your air conditioner in summer is 24 degrees celsius - this is also the best temperature to conserve energy (It is cool but not too cool).

A 3.5kW Air Conditioner is probably only sufficient to cool one room. It should be okay for something like a bedroom or small living room, depending on the ambient temperature. If you're looking for 5 degrees C of temperature drop in a room bigger than 12' square with an 8' ceiling then I would go for something bigger, like a 5.7 kW or two 3.5kW units.

Buy an air conditioner. Another way is to put fans in the room and get the air circulating

Because the surface temperature of the window is below the dewpoint temperature of the air in the room, so the water vapor in the room air condenses on the cold window. If you can, lower the room humidity or raise the room temp to warm the window to stop it.

Ductless air conditioners are those that fit into a window. They take in air and cool it, then a fan forces the cool air into a room. The average cost for a small ductless air conditioner is around $125.

A mobile air conditioner, also called a portable air conditioner, is a smaller air conditioning unit ideal for places where a larger window unit is not feasible. The portable units can be moved from room to room, as they are a lot smaller than the window units and, therefore, portable.

This function samples the indoor temperature for 2 minutes and then based on that temperature chooses the mode the unit will operate in. If the temperature in the room is more than 79 degrees it will be set in the Cool mode at 75 degrees. If the room temperature is 77 to 79 it will be set to the Cool mode minus 4 degrees of the current room temperature. If the temperature sensed is 73 to 77 degrees then the unit will be set in the Dry mode minus 4 degrees of the current room temperature. If the room temperature is less than 73 degrees then the unit will be set in the Heat mode. In the "I Feel" mode the temperature display disappears and pressing the "Too Warm" or "Too Cool" button will change the set point by 2-4 degrees.

You will need a portable air conditioner that offers 24,000 - 25,500 BTUs to cool a room of about 1500 cubic feet. This is a large sized room and a 2.5 ton unit would cool that area.

No. While the air conditioner is on, keep the windows closed to keep the cool air from escaping to the outside.

A basic split air conditioner recirculates cool air in to the room.

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