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1 $ = 42.88

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Q: Today dollar value in Rupee
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What is the value of the rupee compared to the dollar?

Today, feb. 8 2008 one dollar has the value of 39.615 rupees. It also depends on what rupee you are talking about. Is it the Indian rupee or the Pakistani rupee?

Today what is the value of 1 rupee?

Today (July 20, 2009) the rupee is worth: 1.00 Indian Rupee = 0.02 US dollars 1.00 US dollar = 48.14 Indian Rupees

What is the value of 20 paise?

one fifth of a rupee. There are 53.7 rupee to a dollar, and 100 paise to a rupee.

How rupee value is calculated in terms of dollar?


Rupee of today in not equal to rupee of tomorrow?

This means that the value of the Rupee fluctuates over time, not guaranteeing a consistent value. = Rupee of today in not equal to rupee of tomorrow because currencies fluctuate or go up and down in value on a daily basis. Real silver or gold coin will keep its value always. =

What is the dollar value to Indian rupee as on 21st November2007?

Which currency has got more rupee value?

Us dollar

1 dollar is equal to in rupee?

1 dollar is equal to 46.9499 today

How much is today's American dollar in rupee?

One dollar is equal to 46.19 Indian Rupee, 83.48 Pakistani Rupee, and 114.38 Sri Lankan Rupee

1845 year how much different value of the indian rupee and usa dollar that mean 1845-50 different value of the money?

In 1845 the Indian Rupee was not that different in value compared to the USA dollar.

What is the value of a 1940 Indian rupee?

The equivalent value of 1 Indian Rupee is=approx Rs 5000 today

When one rupee was equal to one dollar?

Never. Pakistani/Indian rupee was started in 1947. Don't know the exact value of rupees at that time, but it was not greater in value than the dollar.

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