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Q: Torques motor 4.0 Ford Ranger
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Why wont driver side window work on ford ranger?

It is most likely a broken window regulator or bad electric motor. Don't know about the cost of the motor but the regulator will run $40-$70 + labor to install.

How old was Henry Ford when he founded the Ford Motor Company?

40 years old

How much does a brake calliper cost for a 1986 Ford Ranger?

A brake calliper for a 1986 Ford Ranger would be likely to cost between $20 and $40, depending on where you source it.

When did Henry Ford start Ford Motor Company?

In 1903 at the age of 40

Who created the Ford motor company?

Henry Ford at the age of 40 (1903) !

Is it ok to use 10W-40 oil in a 2000 Ford Ranger truck?

Yes it is fine to use 10W-40 oil

Oil pan gasket 2002 Ford Ranger replacement?

A replacement part for a 2002 Ford Ranger oil pan gasket will cost a price close to $40. The part can be purchased from a auto parts store.

What are the torque specs for the water pump on a 1999 ford ranger 3.0?

The 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0 liter water pump bolt torque specifications are 40 pounds. You do not want to torque the bolts to hard or they will break.

Can you use penzoil 10-40 motor oil in a 1997 Chevy suburban vehichle?

yes, 10-40 just a higher grade motor oil then 5-30 or 5-40 i run 15-40 in my Ford Explorer

What is the oil pressure on 2001 Ford Ranger with 3.0 engine?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but I BELIEVE that is ( 40 to 60 PSI at 2,000 RPM ) for the oil pressure on a 3.0 liter V6 engine in a Ford Ranger

Where is the ignition module located on a 1994 ford ranger with a 40 liter?

its mounted under the hood on the driver side fender

What fuse goes to the heater blower on a 1996 ford ranger?

In the power distribution box ( which is " live " ) located in your engine compartment near the brake fluid reservoir there is a 40 amp maxi-fuse for your blower motor in the row nearest the driver's side , and it is the 3rd fuse from the firewall end of the PD Box , according to the owners manual for the 1996 Ford Ranger

Polaris Ranger speeds?

The polaris ranger speeds are, 500engine,40. 700engine,40-50. 800engine,55mph.

Do all 1994 Ford Ranger 40 have an EGR Valve?

yes 2002 and later 30L are the only ones not equipped with an egr valve

How do you replace heater core in 1995 Ford Ranger 40?

you have to remove the dash to get to it, it is well worth it to pay someone else to do it, it took me 2 days to do mine

How many amps is fuze for heater blower motor for 07 Ford Focus?

( # 19 ) in the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment is a ( 40 AMP FUSE FOR THE HEATER BLOWER MOTOR ) on a 2007 Ford Focus

What does fuse 116 control in a 2003 Ford Expedition?

According to the fuse diagram / list in the 2003 Ford Expedition Owner Guide : # 116 is a 40 amp maxi fuse for the front blower motor relay and front blower motor

Ford gt 40 or Ford GT?

the ford gt40 made in the sixties and was called the gt "40" because it was 40 inches tall and the ford gt was made from 2004-2006 and is 3 inches taller.

What is the difference between a 40 amp and 22 amp motor?

The 40 amp motor probably produces double the horsepower of the 22 amp motor.

What is the fastest Ford car?

ford gt 40 or ford gt

What is faster the 2009 Chevy Corvette or the Ford gt 40?

FORD,s GT 40,s

A motor produces less mechanical energy than the energy it uses because the motor what?

Yes this is what we call efficiency of the motor. We give 100 but the motor in turn gives 40, so its efficiency is 40%

Where can you get Pokemon Ranger for less than 40?

amazon uk

What is the cost of an original yellow power ranger figure?


Is there a fuse that you can replace for the heater on a 1997 ford ranger?

There is a fuse for the blower motor , in the power distribution box in the engine compartment. It is a 40 amp maxi-fuse located in the row nearest the drivers side and it is the 3rd fuse from the firewall end of the PD BOX ( Ford recommends disconnecting the battery before servicing anything in the PD BOX which means your Ranger will have to relearn its idle , radio stations and clock etc. will have to be reset ) also, in your FUSE PANEL , the # 6 fuse -7.5 amp mini-fuse - is for the blower motor relay / air bag system / passive deactivation ( PAD ) module also , the blower motor RELAY is in ENGINE COMPARTMENT RELAY MODULE # 1 , with the front washer pump relay , located somewhere in the passenger side of the engine compartment

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