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yes we should have a touchscreen sidekick yes we should have a touchscreen sidekick

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โˆ™ 2008-08-30 04:18:54
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Q: Touch screen sidekick?
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Is the sidekick 3 a touch screen?

No : the sidekick 3 is not a touch screen phone. -MyCellz4Less

Is the sidekick lx touch screen?

no it is not regular screen

Does the sidekick lx have a touch screen?

No it is not!

Is a sidekick phone touch screen?

No it is not

Is the sidekick touch screen?

Sometimes........Like Some Are And Some Are Not....

Is the T-Moble sidekick a touch screen with a keyboard?


Is the sidekick 4g touchscreen?

Yes the Sidekick 4g is the first Sidekick to feature a touch screen (2.7"), it is also the first sidekick to run on Google's Android OS (version 2.2)

How much does a sidekick touch screen cost?

The Sidekick "touch" is most likely not even in production, I am a t-mobile representative and i have not been told anything about it.

Is there a sidekick touch screen coming out in December?

yes there is one coming out at T-Mobile stores only in Decemeber.

Can you put android os on sidekick 08?

Seeing as how the Sidekick is not touch screen and the os is danger which is no longer working i would say its possible but not yet been proven. The sidekick 4G came out with android os but still the first sidekicks would be useless and no fun without the touch feature.

What are some features of the sidekick 4g?

The sidekick 4g is a swivel style fun with full keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. It also has 4g service, threaded texting, touch screen, and much more.

Can non touch screen can be a touch screen?

no,it can not be a touch screen if it is non touch screen.

What is the worst sidekick?

The oldest one.. so basically the sidekick 3.. if there is one older than that one would be the worst but idk of an older one i have to sidekick09 and i luv it! i just wish it had a touch screen :(... when i first got a sidekick i started out wit an ID then the LX and now to 09

Does the LG rumor have a touch screen?

the rumor touch does have a touch screen.

Why can a non touch screen not be a touch screen?

Because the outside has put one touch screen panel, so then any LCD/LED can change as touch screen.

When is the sidekick X coming out?

YES A SIIDEKICK 4 IS COMING OUT IT IS GOING TO BE TOUCH SCREEN.. yuh no i think they should make a new sidekick called the sidekick mini.. make it relle small.. like the whole entire sidekick together would only be as big as the screen of of a normal sidekick, and itd be black all over nd a liddle shade of greeen and many other types of colors theyd createe.. like pink nd purplee or blue nd white or something.. nd we could custom them.. ya thatd be awesome ! xD

IMac is touch screen or not?

No, the iMac is not a touch screen. The only touch screen products made by Apple are the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

How does touch screen respond to touch?

The touch screen may respond to touch by sensing the heat of your finger

Use of touch screen?

purpose of touch screen monitor

Does the smt5800 phone have a touch screen?

No, i have the smt5800 and it does not have a touch screen.

What is a touch screen made out of?

A touch screen is made out of glass.

What is android touch screen?

phone that is touch screen that is not an i phone

Is a lg cookie at touch screen?

yes its touch screen

Is a Chromebook touch screen?

No Chromebooks that I have seen have a touch screen.

Is a Nintendo ds lite touch screen?

The lower screen is a touch sensitive screen.