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Q: Tracking a shipment with standard flat rate international shipping?
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How can I check the tracking number by Standard Int'l Flat Rate Shipping?


Standard flat rate shipping service comes with tracking number?

Yes, I recently purchased some items from Jamaica with 'Standard Flat Rate Shipping Service' and received a tracking number, yet I don't know where to check it.

What is the Yellow Freight Tracking company all about?

The Yellow Freight Tracking Company is a shipping company. They ship packages in a few forms, including Standard, Guaranteed, Expedited, and Specialized shipping.

How long does standard international shipping take from usa to Canada?

3 months give or take.

How long does USPS standard international flat rate shipping take from US to the Philippines?

About 10-14 days.

How long does standard flat rate international shipping take from UK to US?

Give it at least 2 weeks

How long does shipping take for standard mail from Amsterdam to Pennsylvania?

international mail can take between 10-24 days

How long does Amazon standard international shipping take to belgium?

This will typically take between 15-20 working days.

What are the standard shipping case sizes?

There are a number of standards describing shipping case sizes. Amongst these are the ATA 300 (Air Transport Association) standard, governing shipping case sizes used in national and international air cargo shipping. Another standard is the MIL-STD-648-C used by the American military describing the sizes and other requirements covering cases used in storage and transit.

What is advance shipping?

Advance Shipping Notice is an electronic version of a printed packing slip that tells a buyer how a supplier has packed their items for shipment. Most ASNs will follow either standard pack or pick and pack guidelines. Usually the buyer will specify how they want the goods packed.

How long does standard flat rate international shipping take from US to Australia?

Hmm.. Probably around 365 years maybe? xx

How much does it cost to export a container of grain from Australia to Japan?

That depends on whether or not you want it to get there fast or not.A priority shipment of grain, assuming you are using the standard shipping container will cost you anywhere from $5,000 dollars upwards depending exactly what port you are shipping from and to. You will also have a host of taxes and fees which vary as above.