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Your a helicopter and the stars are people rescue them and take them back to base enjoy.


-18 1i 18 1i,18 1k 2n 1l 40 1n 5b 1o 6k 1q 82 1v 9l 25 b1 2c CD 2h dn 2l f2 2n g5 2l h7 2g,1i -87 2f -86 3b -85 44 -84 4q -83 5h -83 66 -82 6s -81 7h -81,1k -87 1k -7i n -7c -7 -7e,-7 -7a -2 -6m f -65 16 -5p 24 -5k 2v -5i 3o -5k 4d -5s 4t -6c 55 -70 59 -7j,pe -54 qc -53 rf -53 si -53 tl -52 v1 -57 10f -5g 122 -5s,127 -62 127 -5c 129 -4k 12d -3p 12h -2v 12q -28 13h -1m 14b -18 157 -u 164 -j 16t -9 17r 3 18r l 19s 19,1ab -17 19j -17 18s -15 187 -11 17q -i 182 3 18k g 193 v,1a5 -17 1au -15 1bp -14 1cl -13 1di -13 1eg -17 1fb -1h 1g3 -21 1go -2s 1h8 -3n 1hn -4h 1i5 -5a 1if -63 1ii -6p,1in -6q 1jg -75 1kc -7c 1lk -7o 1ms -85 1oc -8j 1pm -8t 1r4 -96 1sk -9e 1u7 -9l 1vr -9r 21c -a1 22o -ac 244 -b4 254 -c2 25s -d7 26i -eg 278 -fs 27t -h9 28f -io,28f -io 28u -k7 29a -lf 29l -mn 2a0 -np 2al -on 2bh -p7 2cs -pj 2e4 -q1 2f8 -qa 2g5 -pm 2gm -oq 2h0 -nn 2ha -mj 2hh -lj 2hn -kj 2hr -jk 2ht -ip 2i4 -hm##T h6 -bt,T g3 -a3,T 1v1 -a8,T 220 -ak,T 2ca -q3,T 2du -qu,S 14m -cv,S 155 -7s,S vt -8g,S rr -76,S o8 -63,T 18i -1f,T 19j -1o,T 10t -6a,T vc -69,T 41 -8j,S 8l -cc,S 8g -6m,S 8l -95,S d6 14,O f3 38,O hs 20,O hb 28,O 47 -70,O 3o -74,O 36 -70,O 3m -66,O 28 -77,O 1n -79,O 1a -6b,O 28 -62,O 32 -62,O 4c -6g,O 4j -7c,O 40 -7e,O 2v -74,O 3o -6h,O 2j -6e,O 32 -7f,O 1u -7h,O 21 -6g,O 10 -6m,T eh 27,T fo 29


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