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Q: Traits and attitudes of a scientist?
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What is scientist attitudes or traits?


What are the attitudes and values of a scientist?

the attitudes and values of a scientist is that they are positive thinker and do not surrender until they get it....

What do you mean the scientific attitudes?

scientific attitudes are the attitudes that a scientist should have.

What are the distinguishing traits or attitudes of the Filipinos?

distinguishing traits or attitudes of the Filipinos: hospitable; respectful of elders; cheerful; friendly; helpful

What are the attitudes behavior of a scientist?


Who are the scientists that possess scientific attitudes?

Anyone who is a scientist should possess scientific attitudes, or she/he is not a scientist. They have perseverance and determination and that's the true scientist.

Discuss the differences in abilities attitudes and traits?

Attitudes are how they are feeling, and their temper. Traits are what the person is like; sort of like their personality, and what they like enjoy.

Who was the first scientist to study inherited traits?

Gregor Mendel was the first scientist to study inherited traits.

What are desirable attitudes of a scientist?

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What scientific attitudes that a scientist must possess?


What are the traits and attitudes of Antoine Lavoisier?

there are many traits that he could have like honesty, curoisity. or skeptism

What are the traits or attitudes of a good scientist?

Patience, perseverance, and an inquiring mind are all necessary. Also, the ability to work in solitude for long periods of time is a plus. Integrity in experimentation is definitely a must.

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