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Grote zus

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Q: Translate big sister into Dutch
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How do you spell big sister in french?

go to google translate

What websites can translate Dutch to English?

There are a few websites that one can use to translate Dutch to English. One can get such a service from Google Translate, Babylon and from FreeTranslation.

Translate sistering into other languages?

sister hawaiian -> sœur Spanish -> hermana Italian -> sorella Finnish -> sisko Swedish -> syster Japanese -> oneesan (big sister), imoto (little sister) Romanian-> sora (sister) surioara (little sister) French -> soeur Slovenian and Czech-> sestra German-> Schwester Afrikaans-> suster Indonesian-> saudara Magyar-> testver Polish-> siostra Dutch-> zuster

What is 'suer' in Dutch?

It doesn't seem to translate from Dutch, but in French it means 'sweat'.

Translate the dutch word da to English?

'Da' is not Dutch, but is a German slang for 'as' or 'there.'

How would you translate 'this is it' into Dutch?

This is it = dit is het

What did Erasmus translate the New Testament into?


How do you translate sister in German?

Schwester is sister in German.

What this mean from dutch translate Can you do sit with the account Michael is there to jump.?

This doesn't make sense if I translate each word back to Dutch. What's the original sentence?

Translate i and you to Dutch.?

'I and you' means 'Ik en jij'

How do you translate 'simple elegance' into Dutch?

Simpel elegantie.

Translate sister into french?