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Colleen mou

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Q: Translate the words 'my colleen' into greek?
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Translate the words 'my colleen' into Irish Gaelic?

mo Chailín

Translate 10 English words to Greek?

deka logia Anglika= '10 English words' :)

Trojan horse Greece translation?

Δούρειος Ίππος is the exact words that translate the "Trojan Horse" words in Greek

What does the words mean love of wisdom mean in Greek?

Google translate will truly help you! =D

How do you translate name makenzie into greek?

You cannot translate a Scottish name into Greek, but you can phonetically spell it in Greek. The pronunciation would remain the same. Makenzie would translate to: Μακενζυ.

Do the words I Am translate the same for the Hebrew Bible the Greek New Testament as well as in English?

No, they do not. For example, there is no Hebrew word for "am".

What is a Greek name for Corey Meek?

These words don't translate into anything Greek, so it would be "Corey Meek." If you want to know how that would be spelled in the Greek alphabet, it would be: Κορυ Μηκ

How do you translate 'fragrance' into Greek?

Άρωμα is greek for fragrance i believe

What does w translate into in greek?

It doesn't.

How do you translate reference in Greek?


Translate photo to greek?


Can anyone translate greek to English?

If you speak Greek and English, then yes.