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Q: Trapped air is a good what because it reduces heat transfer?
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Why is trapped air a good insulator?

Because air is a very low density material, there are not a lot of atoms per unit volume to engage in heat transfer type collisions, and if the air is trapped and therefore motionless, it does not carry heat away with it by moving to another location.

Is putting a lid on a cup when you want to keep the drink hot a good idea?

Yes, it is a good idea because it reduces conduction and radiation, both process of heat transfer which cause the heat to leave the fluid in your cup and be transferred to the surrounding air.

Why is stream lining good for cars?

Because it reduces air resistance and friction.

Why is fiberglass a good heat insulator?

materials such as fibreglass are good insulators because they contain pockets of trapped air. :)

Is ceramics a good heat conductor?

Ceramics are good insulators. They keep heat well because they have a lot of air trapped in them.

Is coal a insulator?

Yes, because it has lots of trapped air in it and that's what makes a good insulator.

Why is the layer of fleece good at reducing the transfer of heat from a skiers body?

a fleece traps a layer of air which is a insulator of heat. it reduces heat loss via conduction and convection.

Why are coats good insulators?

Mainly because of the air trapped inside, in such a way that it can't move around freely.

Why is cotton-wool a good insulator?

It has lots of air trapped between its fibres. Air itself is a good insulator, so trapped air is going to prevent heat transfer. Cotton is a very good insulator as long as it stays dry. There are thousands of tiny air spaces between the fibers that slow the transmission of heat or cold. That is why jackets or even T-shirts feel like good protection from the cold when outside.

Why was double glazing invented?

Double glazing has two main advantages over single glazing. Firstly, it reduces noise from outside, but it also reduces the heat transfer rate. The air gap between the panes acts as a very good insulator, reducing the rate at which heat can escape.

Are feathers good insulators?

Yes, because there is room for air to be trapped in it and are is a good insulator. Airs particles are far apart therefore cannot conduct heat.

Is trapped air a good conductor?

No. It is actually a good