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Q: Treatment of cataract usually involves removal of the?
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How is radiation therapy administered after removal of breast tissue?

The radiation usually begins immediately or soon after quadrantectomy, and involves a schedule of five days of treatment a week for five to six weeks

How is sepsis infection usually treated?

Sepsis treatment is usually treated by the administration of antibiotics. If there is a source of infection, such as a foreign body, it's removal is also part of the treatment.

Is laser vision surgery a recommended treatment for cataracts?

No it is not. Cataract surgery is usually recommended for people whose life activities are starting to become affected. Cataract surgeries are relatively safe, especially when performed by an experienced eye surgeon.

What sex does spay and neuter go to?

Spaying of a female (usually a pet dog or cat) involves the removal of the uterus and ovaries. Neutering of a male is the removal of the testicles.

Which procedure involves the surgical removal of an entire breast and many of the surrounding tissues?

The procedure that involves the removal of an entire breast and the surrounding tissues is called a radical mastectomy. This procedure is performed surgically and usually takes some time to do.

What is a nile cataract?

The Nile cataract is known as shallow waters in a river. This is usually seen in white or fast moving waters.

What is the treatment for apraxia?

The treatment for apraxia usually involves rehabilitation through speech-language therapy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. In addition, treatment such as chemotherapy is administered for the condition that caused the apraxia.

How can acromegaly be treated?

The first step in treatment of acromegaly is removal of all or part of the pituitary adenoma. Removal requires surgery, usually performed by entering the skull through the nose

What is the Treatment for hepatitis?

Hepatitis C is a viral disease where the liver is affected. The treatment depends usually on the state of the affected organ and the symptoms of the disease. The treatment usually involves use of anti viral medications and for worst cases, liver transplant may be needed.

What is the scope in cosmetology?

Cosmetology deals with the study of grooming and beauty treatment. It usually involves classroom and on the job experience for certification.

How is severe premenstrual syndrome treated?

Antidepressant drugs, hormone treatment, or (only in extreme cases) surgery to remove the ovaries. Hormone treatment usually involves oral contraceptives.

What treatment is generally recommended for mallet finger?

Treatment usually involves wearing a splint around the top of the affected finger in order to keep it extended and allow the injury to heal.