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This does not appear to be recognised as a system but rather as an informal convention, and does not have an agreed name.

However, the word "trilogy" is derived from the Greek "trilogia", simply meaning 'three stories' ("ology" or "logos", translating as 'written work').

It is used in reference to works of three distinct parts. Higher numbers of distinct-but-related works may be named by combining the Greek number with "-logy". The proper labelling convention for a work of four distinct parts, therefore, is actually "tetralogy" ("tetra" means four) rather than "quadrilogy". The word 'quad' is Latin, not Greek.

Higher numbers are easily constructed:

5 = pentalogy

6 = hexalogy

7 = heptalogy

8 = octalogy

9 = ennealogy

10 = decalogy

11 = hendecalogy / undecalogy

12 = dodecalogy

13 = triskaidecalogy / tridecology

14 = tetrakaidecalogy / tetradecology

15 = pendedecalogy

16 = hexdecalogy

17 = heptdecalogy

18 = octdecalogy

19 = enneadecalogy

20 = icosalogy

...and so on. Of course, it would seem impractical to use this convention for such high numbers when a work of many parts would be more simply and easily referred to as a "series". However, being informal, there's no particular reason not to be utterly absurd:

100 = hecatology

1000 = chilialogy

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