Tuple in dbms

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rows are called tuples

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Q: Tuple in dbms
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What is tuple variables in dbms?

TUPLE : Is the "ROW" in a table

What are rows in dbms?

In DBMS the data is stored in the form of table . Each row in DBMS is known as tuple.

What is the cordinality of dbms?

the number of tuple in a relation is called the cordinality of a relation?

What is record in dbms?

Row = Record = Tuple Column = Field = Attribute. These words are used interchangebly. Akshay Sahu (MCTS SQL Server 2005)

What is extension and intension in dbms?

extension in a relation is set of tuples appearing in relation at any given instance . it varies with time .it changes tuple are created ,destroyed and update

What is functional dependency in DBMS?

A key is a set of attributes that uniquely identifies an entire tuple, a function dependency allow us to express constraints that uniquely identify the values of certain attribute.

What is meant by a database row What is a tuple?

In database there are no. of records stored in it. These records are stored in table . Row in this table is known as a tuple. So tuple is basically a row.

What is storage organization for relations in DBMS?

storage organise means how data is stored in data base data is stored inform of table,which is also known as relation.some organisation are known as *table *row *tuple *degree *cardinality

Is Microsoft Access an RDBMS or DBMS?

Microsoft Access is an application development tool, not a DBMS. Access has some DBMS-like features (strictly, they are features of the Jet software, which happens to be bundled with Access and other Microsoft products). Those DBMS features are not relational because they are based on the SQL DBMS model rather than the RDBMS one. Although SQL is partially inspired by the Relational Model it is non-relational in many important respects, especially because it uses a "tuple-bag" representation instead of the set-theory representation required by E.F.Codd's relational model. In other words SQL breaks what Codd called the "Information Rule".

What are highlights of DBMS?

NA_ what are highlights of advanced DBMS what are highlights of advanced DBMS what are highlights of advanced DBMS

What is the difference between tuple and attribute?

TUPLE : Is the "ROW" in a table and ATTRIBUTE : Is the "COLUMN" and it can also be called as "ATTRIBUTE". Annapurna table is collection of attributes ..... attribute is nothing but property tuple is the collection of information abt the attributes of table for single instance

What is another name for a tuple?


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