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It is a simple fuse in the fuse box, if you have a manuel it will let you know which one. But keep in mind that this could affect any airbag system you have in the car. If your belt is not on the air bag system will not fire in an accident. (

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โˆ™ 2007-05-11 03:24:32
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Q: Turn off seat belt sensor 2007 Monte Carlo?
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Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1989 Monte Carlo?

There is no such car as a 1989 Monte Carlo

Why do the dash lights not work at night on 2002 Monte Carlo?

I had this problem with my Monte Carlo, I think it was that I needed a new turn signal switch. I think there was a sensor or something that was broke too?? But I believe the dash panel lights not working at night had something to do with a short in the turn signal switch.

Where is the turn signal fuse in a 96 Monte Carlo?

look in your owners manual if you have it.

How do you turn off service engine soon on Monte Carlo?

An auto parts store can turn it off for you.

Monte Carlo ignition won't turn steering wheel not locked?


How do you change the turn flasher on a 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?


Why wont your regular headlights turn on only brights on 07 Monte Carlo?

If your regular headlights wont turn on but only the brights for your Monte Carlo 07 then you're probably experiencing an outage in the light area. The fuse or the bulbs may also be the cause of the problem.

How do you activate the traction control on a Chevrolet impala 2007?

I believe it's always active and only kicks in when needed, on my Monte Carlo there is a traction control button by the shifter that you can turn it off.

What do you need to replace to make the turn signals and hazard flashers to work in a 1997 Monte Carlo?

Probably turn signal flasher

Where is the rear turn flasher located on a 2004 Monte Carlo?

The flasher that works the front turn signals also work the rear.

How do you replace emergency flasher on a 2001 Monte Carlo ss?

The 2001 Monte Carlo emergency flasher relay switch and the turn signal flasher relay switch are the same. The flasher relay switch simply plugs in and out.

How do you remove the turn signal switch 1995 Monte Carlo?

Check out this web site:

Why are mY turn signals not working on a 1999 Monte Carlo?

If none of them work it is a bad Flasher Relay. Replace it.

Why is it that the hazard lights work but turn signals do not in a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo?

There are 2 separate flashers.jd

Where is the turn signal flasher relay located On a 1999 Monte Carlo?

Part of the hazard warning module

Why your blinkers stop working on your 04 Monte Carlo?

you probably need a new turn signal flasher .

How do you remove radiator drain plug on 1999 Monte Carlo?

If it is a plug turn counclockwise to remove If it is a petcock valve turn clockwise to open

Where is the turn flasher on a 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

May be part of the hazard warning module - part of the switch

No turn signals or tail light on rear of Monte Carlo?

if the headlights work it is bad wiring if they dont its a fuse

Where can you find just the plastic piece that the turn signal lever fits in for a 1978 Monte Carlo?


How do you remove bezel on 2001 Monte Carlo?

How do I replace the flasher and fues for the turn singals and hazzard warning lights.

Why would the turn signal on your 1998 Monte Carlo no longer work the fuse seems fine and the front light bulbs have been changed?

i have a 96 Monte Carlo and i had the same problem. try pulling the turn signal switch to you slightly while in the signal position. works for me every time.

How do you turn off the oil light on a 2001 Monte Carlo ss?

you have to turn your key to the acc mode then push the gas peddle three times,do not turn car on

What makes the popping noise in your 2007 Monte Carlo when you turn the steering wheel?

CV joints (constant velocity joints) get them replaced or you're gonna be in trouble real soon. Not very expensive to replace.

Where is the turn signal flasher for a 2003 Monte Carlo?

Above the radio there is a button with red triangles on it. That is where the turn signal flasher is. You have to take the dash off to get to it.