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The solute, which is the substance dissolved in another substance, and the solvent, which does the dissolving.


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well the two parts to a solution are solute and soluble which make the basic foundation to the solution. or if you are talking about the non scientific term solution means to solve or to figure out a problem.

There are two basic parts to a virus: DNA (or RNA) and a covering called a capsid.

being mixed in the solution like solute and matter how many components are there in a solution its have two parts.and the two parts is solute and solventwe need a components to complete the solutioneven were not see the solution it always have two parts solute and solvent but we cannot say the components of the blind solution

the to parts in a solution are a solute the thing that gets disolved and a slovent the thing that disolves the solute

The two basic part of a sentence are the subject and verb (predicate).

The two major basic parts of plant are Root Shoot

A solution consists of: - a solute - a solvent

The basic solution is called its ....... concentration:)

The strength of a basic solution is represented by the pH of the solution. The greater the pH, the more basic the solution. Solutions with a pH greater than seven are considered to be basic.

computers,computer hardware

A subject and a verb [action]

The parts of a solution are solvent and solute.

Solution A is weekly acid Solution B is weekly basic

The two parts of a virus particle are the protective coating and the genetic material. Some virus particles are more complex, but those are the two basic parts.

A solution with a pH of 12 is basic.

The measure of how acidic or basic a solution is the pH.

The solution of sodium hydroxide is basic.

Neutral solution: pH =7Acidic solution: pHBasic solution: pH>7.

An acidic solution contains H+ ions, a basic solution contains OH- ions.

...that solution is alkaline or basic.

The aqueous solution of NaF is slightly basic.

Phenolphthalein is added to a basic solution is colorless.

Non_degenerate basic feasible solution

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