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The product of the two integers is -80.

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Yes, by definition, the sum of two integers is always an integer. Likewise, the product and difference of two integers is always an integer.

-- Their sum and difference both have the same sign that the two integers have. -- Their product and quotient are both positive.

Two integers that have a sum of -7 and a product of 12 are -3 and -4.

Two positive integers cannot have a sum which is negative!

No, it is not. It is the sum of two consecutive integers: 46 and 47.

No integers, Solved by quadratic equation, answer of roots are: -5.274917217 +2.274917217 Product = -12 Sum = -3 But sorry, no integers.

There are no such integers. In fact, there are no real numbers that satisfy the requirements.

Product= the total of two integers multiplied together Sum= The total of two integers added together

-- write the difference between the integers without regard to their signs -- give the difference the same sign as the larger of the two integers

No. Two negative integers added together will never equal a positive integer. It is the product of two negative integers that is positive.

56.25% is not an integer and so cannot be expressed as a sum, difference, product or quotient of consecutive integers.

if you were to do it as a fraction the two integers would be 1 and a half. your welcome:] !!!

-- Ignore the signs for a moment. -- Find the difference of the two integers. -- Give it the sign of whichever integer is the bigger number.

There aren't any integers. Nearest I can get is -2.89 & -12.11. Sum is -15 and product is 34.998

Write a menu driven program to read two integers & find their sum, difference & product

Yes the sum of two integers will always be an integer.

The integers 2 and 10 have a product of 20 and a sum of 12.

That's because the integers may be negative. For example, the sum of (-6) and (-6) is (-12), which is less than their difference (0).

A sum is the result of adding two or more numbers. A product is the result of multiplying two or more numbers.