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Who is the interrogative pronoun, which takes the place of the nouns, the names of the senators which are the answer to the question.

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Q: Type the interrogative pronoun in this sentence Who are our state's US senators?
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Who are our states US senators what is the interrogative pronoun in this sentence?

The interrogative pronoun is who.The antecedent(s) for an interrogative pronoun is usually the answer to the question.Note: Another pronoun in the sentence is 'our', a possessive adjective used to describe the noun 'senators'.

What is a declarative sentence and interrogative sentence and imperative sentence?

a sentence that states or declares something-declarative sentence.there are two types of declarative sentence-positive and negative sentence.a sentence in which question is asked-interrogative sentencea sentence in which --order is givenrequest is madesuggestions or advice is given- are imperative sentences

What is an example of a declarative sentence?

A declarative sentence is a sentence that states something.Josh's birthday party is Friday.Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth.The Beatles formed in 1960 in Liverpool, England.The United States of America's flag has 13 striped and 50 stars.The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.Bacon and eggs make a great breakfast.

What is the function of pronoun as predicate nominative?

states what the subject does, is, or has in a sentence

What does declarative interrogative imperative and exclamatory mean?

Delarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory are types of sentences.A declarative sentence states something and ends with a period. "I went to the park today."An interrogative sentence asks a question and ends with a question mark. "Is it going to rain today?"An imperative sentence gives a command or a request and ends with a period. "Get me some more paper, please."An exclamatory sentence is said with feeling and expression/emotion and ends with an exclamation point. "Don't step on the hot coals!"

What is the difference between declarative interrogative exclamatory and imperative sentences?

A declarative sentence states a fact or description about something. (e.g. The ball is red.) An interrogative sentence is a question. (e.g. What color is the ball?) An exclamatory sentence uses expression or voice to present information. (e.g. I'm so excited you are coming.) An imperative sentence issues a command. (e.g. Go get the ball. Don't run in the hallway.)

How many US Senators does all the states combined have?

Each of the 50 states has two senators for a total of 100 US Senators.

How many us senators in Arizona?

All States in the United States have 2 senators, therefore Arizona has two US Senators

How many senators does Idaho have?

two all of the states have two state senators

The names of our States' us senators?

A list of United States senators and the states they represent can be found on the official United States Senate website. Many state websites will also list the Senators.

What number of senators does WA have?

All States have two senators.

How are senators are elected by the governors of the states?

Senators are elected by the people.