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Horse Breeds starting with "A":

Abyssinian, Akhal Teke, Albanian, Altai, American Cream Draft, American Creme and White, American Walking Pony, Andalusian, Andravida, Anglo-Kabarda, Appaloosa, Araappaloosa, Arabian, Ardennes, Argentine Criollo, Asturian, Australian Brumby, Australian Stock Horse, Azteca.

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That all depends on what you mean by "start off with." Are you asking about training a horse, caring for a horse, or something different entirely? If the latter, please be more specific when asking these types of questions.

there are 267 horse types in the world

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horse may be diffrent hights because of there types

A horse eats grass or hay and no animals.

Different disciplines suggest different types, how much you need to control your horse, and how your horse will be used.

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Quarter horse and Paints There are many types of horses and two of them are Quarter horse and a Shire horse, which is the biggest! there are lipazzaner, Shire ect.....

own horse you feed it and eats grass in field and wild horse eat grass and different types of plants

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A horse is different colour and has different types of horses like the red bay and lots/may more different types of horses. A horse has a tail, a mane, ears, nose, mouth, and a body.

You can start handling a horse when there born. But you can only start riding at 2 YO. If you start at 1 the horses joints won't be very good.

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HuntAndJump. My horse club. Horse star, Although it might crash in the start, its worth it!

Yes all types and breeds of horse can jump. However some types of horse such as heavy draft horses should not jump as it can severely injure them as they are not built to handle the impact of jumping.

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when your horse is ready, if the horse is green broke at 4, then give them a year, and you should never start backing a horse (training to saddle) before the age of 3 b/c they haven't developed enough

The best horse to start with would be an older horse (like 10-15 or older )experienced in what you want to do.It also depends on the trainer,rider/owner, and environment around it.

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Most people start once the horse turns 1. When it is weaned and ready for some training tactnics. Sweeney_Todd_Fan

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