Umpire calls a ball batted into dirt at home afoul ball ball spins back into fair play without being touched fair or foul?

The ball is foul. Once a ball hits the dirt in foul territory before it gets past first or third base, it is a foul ball. It does not matter what happens after that. If a ball hits fair, foul, fair, it is foul. If it bounces foul and then into fair territory, it is foul. If the ball hits fair passed first or third and then bounces foul, it is fair. Those are the rules. You have to hit it past the batter's box. You have to hit it in the lines. It has to stay in the lines. If you lay a bunt down the third base line and it goes foul, it is a foul.

It is NOT a foul ball once it hits dirt in foul territory before getting past 1st or 3rd. It is determined fair or foul by where the ball is when touched by a fielder or ends up when the ball has stopped. The ball can roll fair then foul the fair then foul then fair and if the ball comes to a rest or is touched by a fielder in fair play then it is fair. With the umpire calling it foul when it hit the dirt he has made a wrong call, as the ball has not been touched or has not come to rest in foul territory. however with him calling it too soon I think it would be a dead ball and remain with the wrong call of foul.

No matter what it should be, whatever the umpire calls it, it is. The umpire is always right even when he is wrong he is right!