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Q: Under normal business operations a company accounts receivable department is responsible for?
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Functions of accounting department in hotel?

The accounting department in the hotel is responsible for all accounts receivable and accounts payable. They are responsible for balancing the books and making sure everything passes audit.

Scope of human resource accounting?

Human resource accounting usually involves the management of payroll, benefits and bonuses. Accounts receivable and accounts payable are usually handled by the operations department.

Is the accounts receivable clerk responsible to extend credit?


Salaries of accounts receivable clerks when one clerical worker is needed for every 750 accounts receivable is an example of a?

Well organized department

What are the objectives of an operation department?

An operations department typically attends to the administrative, logistical and other duties that are necessary for an organization's day-to-day functioning (operations). They're the people responsible for producing whatever it is that the other department sells (sales and marketing) or accounts for (finance).

What does a schedule accounts receivable show?

the schedule of accounts receivable shows

What does a Schedule of Accounts Receivable show?

the schedule of accounts receivable shows

Which company position deals with the accounts?

Accounts receivable and accounts payable are usually the two departments associated with this. The tax department probably oversees accounting in all aspects.

How calculate accounts receivable turnover ratio?

the formula of calculating account receivable turnover = Net Sales/ average gross receivable

What is Accounts Receivable Netting?

It is basically deducting the allowance for doubtful accounts from the total accounts receivable.

A firm has a days sales outstanding of 40 days and its annual sales are 7300000 what is the accounts receivable balance?

For calculating accounts receivable balance we need accounts receivable turnover rate So Accounts receivable turnover rate = number of days in year/annual sales outstanding accounts receivable turnover rate = 360/40 = 9 Accounts receivable balance = 7300000/9 Accounts receivable balance = 811111

How do you calculate accounts receivable turnover rate?

Net Sales / Average Accounts Receivable = Account Receivable Turnover