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Congressional elections are held every two years. There are elections for 1/3rd of the Senate (who sit for six years) and for all of the House of Representatives.

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Q: Under the constitution congressinal elections are held when?
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When were the first national elections under the new US constitution held?

They were held in November of 1788.

Under the Constitution congressional elections are held .?

on the same day in every state and every 2 years

Who said that elections should be held regularly?

The constitution sets the dates and times for elections.

Why are elections for the house representatives held every two years?

because of the constitution

Who decides when where and how elections for senators and reps will be held?

The states are allowed to decide when, where, and how elections for senators and representatives will be held. This power is provided to each state through the United States Constitution.

When are national elections held?

National elections are typically held on specified dates as outlined in a country's constitution or electoral laws. Each country sets its own schedule for national elections, which can vary widely. In many countries, national elections are held every few years to elect representatives or a new government.

When are elections held in Ethiopia?

Federal elections in Ethiopia must be held every five years according to the country's constitution, typically on a Sunday in May. Federal elections have been held in 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010 - the next election should take place in either May or June of 2015.

Are elections held in Zimbabwe?

elections are held and rigged

When will 2011 Egyptian elections be held?

The Elections will be held in November.

When were first midterm election were held in India?

1951. In 1947, India attained her independence. The Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950. The first general elections under the new Constitution were held during the year 1951-52 and the first elected Parliament came into being in April, 1952, the Second General elections in April, 1957, the Third General elections in April, 1962, the Fourth General elections in March, 1967, the Fifth General elections in March, 1971, the Sixth General elections in March, 1977, the Seventh General elections in January, 1980, the Eighth General elections in December, 1984, the Ninth General elections in December, 1989, the Tenth General elections in June, 1991, the Eleventh General elections in May, 1996, the Twelfth General elections in March, 1998 and Thirteenth General elections in October, 1999. and the Fourteenth General elections in May 2004.......

In what month are primary elections held in Illinois?

Primary elections are held in April.

Where are elections held?

Elections are held anywhere that there is a democratic selection of political officeholders.