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Because of the 12th amendment the house of representatives may be called on to elect a president. if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes for president, the house of representatives, voting by states, must decide the issuing that situation, it must choose from among the 3 highest contenders in the electoral college balloting. Each state has but one vote to cast, and a majority of the states is necessary for election.

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Under what circumstances must Congress choose a Vice President?

The Congress must choose a Vice President by the individual senators with a majority of the full senate necessary for election.

Under what circumstances does the Senate choose the vice president?

AnswerIf there is a voting tie for the office of the Vice President, the Senate is empowered to choose the Vice President.

Under which circumstances can the president and congress be sued?

It is not possible to sue the President since he has immunity from this. It is possible to sue people of Congress but only for cases of libel.

Under what circumstances may congress choose a president or vice president?

If none of the candidates get 270 electoral college votes, the House of Representatives votes. The winner must get 51% of those votes or a simple majority.

Under what circumstances has congress or the individual houses of congress been called into special session?

In 1948 President Truman called a special session demanding Congress addressing civil right, social security, and health care.

Under what circumstances can a member of congress not be arrested?

If he has yet to make a turn.

Under which of the following circumstances is congress most likely to pass a bill the president has threatned to veto?

Congressional leaders believe they have the votes necessary to override a veto

Under which circumstances is congress least likely pass a bill tha the president has threaten to veto?

congressional leaders believe they have votes necessary to override a veto

Who elects the president under certain circumstances?

the senate does.

Was John Adams in Congress before he became President?

He was in the Continental Congress but not the US Congress. The US Congress did not exist before Adams became Vice-President under Washington.

Under what circumstances can a member of Congress be arrested?

A member of Congress can be arrested for treason, felony, and breach of the peace. (Article I, Sec. 6)

What president announced in his inauguration speech that under no circumstances will you consent to a second term?

President Gerald Ford /

Does the president have the ability to grant pardons and reprive under any circumstances?


How does the congress impeach a president?

If the president lies under oath or commits a crime like a felony.

Who is more successful in getting the bureaucracy to do what it wants the president or congress?

The federal bureaucracy is under the direction of the President.

Under what circumstances was the Interstate Commerce Commission disbanded?

After ironing out their differences, Congress sent President Bill Clinton legislation to terminate the ICC. On December 29, 1995, the 108-year-old ICC was disbanded.

What did congress do when Johnson was president?

President Andrew Johnson was impeached, and under President Lyndon B. Johnson, Congress passed some of the most important laws, including the Civil Rights Act.

How often does the US choose a President and Vice President?

Generally, elections for president are held in the United States every four years. So the election of 2012 has concluded, and the next election will be held in 2016. Vice presidents are selected by the president and his political party, so under most circumstances, if the president gets elected, so does the vice president.

Under the system of checks and balances can Congress veto the president?

Yes. Congress can overrule the veto of the President if they obtain a two-thirds majority vote to pass a bill.

Under the articles of confederation who chose the federal governments congress of delegates?

The President.

What is one reason why congress would impeach a president?

For lying under oath.

Was John Hanson a US President before the constitution?

Yes, he was the first President of Congress under the Articles of Confederation

Under normal circumstances the inauguration of the president takes place in which month?

January, generally speaking.

Official body designated to choose the president under the new constitution which in1789 unanimously elected George Washington?

Under the new constitution, it was the Electoral College that was designed to choose the new president. George Washington served as president from 1789 to 1797.

Was George Washington the first president of the US?

George Washington (1732-1799) was the first President of the United States, as elected under the US Constitution. Previously there had been "congressional" Presidents, and those under the Articles of Confederation (1781) had the title "President of the United States in Congress Assembled". But they were not the executive officers of the country.The first president of the Continental Congress was Peyton Randolph of Virginia in 1774. The first president of the US Congress under the Articles of Confederation was John Hanson of Maryland from 1781 to 1782.Was who the first president