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under what headword would you find the idiom raining cats and dogs?

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Is the expression following suit an idiom?

no an idiom would be like "it's raining cats and dogs"

What would be classified as an idiom?

An idiom is an expression that has meaning that differs from what one would expect from the actual words. An example would be "the apple of my eye" or "raining cats and dogs."

Is raining cats and dogs an idiom or adage?

I would say it is more of an idiom since idioms usually don't make sense in their literal form. We know that literal cats and dogs don't fall out of the sky when it is raining hard.

Is raining cats and dogs a hyperbole?

No, hyperbole is an exaggeration. "Raining hard enough to wash the town away" would be hyperbole. "Raining cats and dogs" is an idiom because it makes no sense when you translate it literally.

Is it was raining cats and dogs and more of the same was promised for the next day a hyperbole?

No, it is an idiom because you can't tell what it means by trying to define it literally. Hyperbole is exaggeration - an example would be "It was raining so much we had to row a boat to work."

When would it snow?

Most likely in Winter. When it is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or under, and raining, there is a chance of snowing.

Is there a idiom list that has literally meaning?

You don't need a list. The literal meaning is whatever the phrase sounds like. For example, the literal meaning of "raining cats and dogs" would be dogs and cats falling out of the clouds.

To say raining in German?

To say 'it's raining' you would say 'es regnet'

What is an idiom for enamored?

"Head over heels in love" would be one idiom.

What is the correct idiom for cool as a watermelon?

It's not an idiom. AS ___ AS___ would be A Simile ... the correct simile would be as cool as a cucumber.

What does the idiom under the sun mean?

It depends on what the rest of the phrase said. "Everything under the sun" is a figurative way of saying "everything," while "under the sun" alone would mean out in the sunlight.

What should you carry if it is raining outside?

The most useful object to carry when it is raining outside would be an umbrella.

You would know you were in the troposphere if?

You would know that you were in the troposphere if it was raining on you.

What is the opposite of up and about?

The opposite terms are down and within. The idiom "up and about" (recuperated) would have the opposites "under the weather" or bedridden, and any subsequent occurrence would be a "relapse."

What idiom corresponds to a person that is unable to make a decision?

A good idiom would be "sitting on the fence."

What is the origin of the idiom 'chill out'?

Origin: Chill out is a recent African-American idiom. When a person starts to get angry, we often use the expression 'hot under the collar.' Therefore, it is easy to see how the opposite would mean calm.

Does Miranda cosgrove really sing raining sunshine?

yes she do sing the raining sunshine. if it wasn't she then who else would?

What is the idiom for avoid?

An idiom is a saying or expression. There are many idioms that mean to stay away from, or avoid, someone. An example of such an idiom would be, "to steer clear of" someone.

What would happen if it started raining Skittles?

I would be very happy. ;)

Finish the idiom she cried tears?

I cannot find an idiom that starts off "she cried tears." When you cry, you cry tears, so that would not be a good idiom anyway.

When would lightning strike?

mostly when there is thunder or when it is raining

What is a idiom for can't make heads or tails?

Another idiom that means the same thing would be "all at sea."

Where did raining animals come from?

The expression 'raining cats and dogs' means that it is raining really hard, so people figured that if animals were coming from the sky they would be coming down really hard too.

What is the weight of air?

The weight of air would have to be the average weight of a coconut in July when it's raining dancing under a pomtree drinking cool aid. Or.... 1.00 grams

A figure of speech particular to Brooklyn New York would be an example of?

It's an example of an idiom. 'Fuggaboutid', for example.idiom